As the battle for the consumer dollar heats up, mattress companies are fiercely competing to gain market share by aggressively promoting their unique selling points. The WinkBeds mattress is no exception and is one of the only double coiled mattresses available online. A double coiled mattress harks back to the days where inner-spring mattresses were all the rage, although it’s clear WinkBeds Mattress has made significant improvements by utilizing the latest in coil technology and additional foam inserts.

Wink Beds Mattress Review
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WinkBeds Mattress Construction

The double coil is a big jump up from the traditional all-foam or hybrid mattress, so to see how it all works, lets break each layer down:

Wink Beds Mattress Review
Tencel® Cover 

The cover of the mattress is a Tencel® fabric derived from the fibers of the eucalyptus tree. This fabric is 100% natural, extremely breathable and does a great job at wicking moisture away from the body. WinkBeds claims Tencel® sleeps 30% cooler than traditional linen.

Euro Pillow Top 

The Tencel® cover is quilted into a euro pillow top, which is made of a soft, gel infused foam. The gel helps the foam to sleep cool and draws body heat away from the body.

Micro Air Springs 

Here’s where things get interesting. Directly under the pillow top lies a 2.5-inch coil layer. This coil layer creates large air channels for body heat to pass through. By having a coil layer right at the top of the mattress, body heat is able to escape quickly and efficiently. This coil layer is “zoned”, meaning the coils in the middle of the mattress are slightly firmer, for additional lumbar support.

Lumbar Support Layer 

The lumbar support layer is a 1-inch layer of high density foam that is designed to add additional support to the lumbar region.

Individually Pocketed Coils 

A 7.5-inch layer of individually pocketed coils line the mattress and are split into five separate zones. The coils in each zone are slightly firmer / softer depending on the area of the mattress they are on. This ensures your entire body receives the support it needs across all sleeping positions.

High Density Foam Base 
The bottom layer of coils are set into a high-density foam base which is added for durability and structure.

EXTRA: CoolControl™ System
While this review deals specifically with the mattress, we’d like to briefly mention the WinkBeds CoolControl™ system. Developed entirely in-house, the CoolControl™ system is a portable AC fan that is hooked up to 4 pipes underneath the mattress. These pipes blow either hot or cold air into the mattress so you can sleep at the perfect temperature every night. Wireless remotes are included and the AC fan splits temperatures down the middle of the mattress, which means you and your partner can sleep with different settings. The CoolControl™ system can be purchased separately and WinkBeds will set you up with an adjusted mattress to incorporate the system upon purchase.

Wink Beds Mattress Review

WinkBeds Mattress Comfort

While the double coil construction of the WinkBeds mattress is a little unusual, it provides outstanding comfort. The euro pillow top is supremely soft, and paired with the spring of the first layer of coils, makes you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. The coils near the top ensure body heat can efficiently pass through the mattress and the thermo-regulating properties of the Tencel™ cover will keep you at a constant temperature all night long.

In terms of firmness, the mattress has four firmness levels, including a “plus” firmness, specifically engineered for heavier-set individuals. This is one of the few online mattress companies we’ve seen design a firmness level for plus-sized adults and this should be commended.

While the two layers of coils don’t reduce motion transfer as much as other mattresses on the market, they do ensure there is edge-to-edge support across the whole WinkBeds mattress. Coils on the outside perimeters are reinforced so you can sleep right on the edges of the mattress without feeling like you’re going to fall off (a common problem with all-foam mattresses).

WinkBeds Mattress Support

WinkBeds Mattress has done everything they can with the construction of their mattress to ensure you’re receiving the best support. The pillow top foam layer does well to relieve pressure from pain-points across the body (often the shoulders, hips and knees) and by equalizing body pressure, allows the coils to support the spine properly.

Speaking of spine, this mattress offers outstanding lumbar support. The top layer of coils are slightly firmer in the middle of the mattress which helps offset mattress sinkage, keeping your spine in a nice, straight position. The lumbar support foam layer partners with the top level of coils to provide targeted support, while the bottom layer of coils are zoned into 5 grades for optimal support across your entire body. Both layers of coils are tempered three times and oven baked to ensure they last a lifetime.

We consider the 3 firmnesses of the WinkBeds Hybrid mattress to land in this range.

WinkBeds Firmness Review


  • Unusual design and construction comes up on top
  • Tencel® cover is extremely breathable and wicks away moisture
  • Top layer of coils easily disperse of body heat
  • Zoned support throughout the mattress supports all areas of the body, with specific emphasis placed on the lumbar region
  • Uses a verified 3rd party authentic review agency
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Doesn’t reduce motion transfer as much as other mattresses
  • A full 15” thick, which makes the mattress a little cumbersome to set up and heavy to move
  • A little expensive
  • No soft or medium option
There’s no other mattress like this online, so it’s a little difficult to compare prices, however a Queen mattress will set you back $1,300, which is about average in the world of hybrid mattresses. It must be noted that the CoolControl™ system needs to be purchased separately. Delivery and returns of the mattress are free.
Trial and Warranty
WinkBeds offers a 120-night trial on the mattress, which is more than enough time to really test it out. Incredibly, WinkBeds offers a lifetime warranty on their mattress which shows the company truly believes in the quality of the materials chosen.


WinkBeds Mattress has made the bold decision to move away from their online competitors to produce a bed that is totally different in its construction. For the most part, the dual coil mattress is extremely comfortable and combines the traditional springiness of an innerspring with the cushioning comfort of an all-foam mattress. The mattress is very breathable and the top layer of coils disperse body heat quickly. The coils provide excellent support across the whole body, with the top lumbar coil layer and five zoned coil layers (bottom coils) keeping your entire spine aligned through the night. It’s great to see WinkBeds has included an option for heavier set adults and the CoolControl™ system is a unique accessory for those who want to control the temperature of their bed. For more information on the WinkBeds mattress, Click Here.

WinkBeds Mattress Review