With endorsements from Forbes, Inc. and The Huffington Post, Voila is riding a wave of public interest, and with thousands of positive reviews flooding in from all corners of the country, this doesn’t look set to end. Aiming to cater to all sleepers, the Voila mattress has an incredible 13 layers that each play their own part in enhancing comfort and support. There’s certainly a lot to digest so let’s dig down and look at the mattress layer by layer:

Voila Mattress Review
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Voila Mattress Construction

Polyester Knit Cover:

The mattress cover is made of a thin polyester knit that is tightly stretched over the mattress. The thin nature of the material means it’s breathable and the knit turns into a mesh along the sides of the mattress so body heat can escape easily.

Fire Sock: 

A fire sock is placed right under the cover and is made of silica. In the event of a fire, the fire sock will melt, putting out the flames.

Gel Infused Memory Foam: 

The first of the comfort layers is a 0.75” layer of gel infused memory foam. Infusing the memory foam with gel keeps the foam cool and you comfortable. The density of this memory foam is soft (3 lbs) and is designed for cushioning comfort.

2nd Layer of Gel Infused Memory Foam: 

The second layer of gel infused memory foam is slightly denser than the top layer (4lbs) gives a little bit more support while still providing pressure point relief.

Talalay Latex: 

A 0.75” layer of Talalay latex fits inside of the edge support layer (next). Talalay latex is inherently breathable and is very durable, making it a good option to help stabilize the edge support layer which fits around it.

Voila Mattress Review
Interior Edge Support Layer: 

There are two edge support layers, both made of high-density poly foam. This first layer is the interior layer and helps provide stability when you’re sleeping close to the edges of the mattress.

Support Foam: 

A thin (0.25”) layer of support foam helps to transition bodyweight from the comfort layers of the mattress (memory foam) to the more supportive coils.

Fiber Insulator Pad: 

With so many foam layers, Voila has protected against overheating by incorporating an insulator pad that helps facilitate airflow through the mattress. The insulator pad also does a great job of keeping the pocketed coils stable.

Individually Pocketed Coils:

A layer of individually pocketed 6.5” coils are spread over the entire mattress and offer full body support. The coils have 5 different gauge settings spread out across the mattress including a lengthwise zone that helps support the spine correctly.

Exterior Edge Support Layer: 

An additional layer of dense polyfoam encases all layers of the mattress for excellent edge support whether or sleeping on the side of the bed or sitting on it. This edge support layer has a series of perforated holes to allow air to escape.

Additional Fiber Insulation Pad: 

This pad again helps to facilitate airflow and helps keep the coils stable inside the mattress.

Support Base Foam #1: 

A high density polyfoam that is extremely durable and with the fiber insulation pad, helps keep the coils stable.

Support Base Foam #2: 

A slightly higher density layer of support foam that is the base of the mattress.

Voila Mattress Review

Voila Mattress Comfort

While there are many layers to the Voila mattress, a lot of them can be attributed to other practical functions (fire sock, 2 x bases, scrim-fabric, and edge support amongst others). The main comfort levels of the mattress are the two top memory foam layers and they do an excellent job of keeping your body cushioned through the night. Memory foam helps relieve pressure away from the hips and shoulders and distributes your body weight evenly, resulting in a far more comfortable sleep.
With so many layers of foam, you could be forgiven for thinking the mattress will sleep hot, however this is not the case. The top two layers of memory foam are infused with cooling gel while the pocketed coils create wide air-channels for body heat to pass through. The fiber insulation pads help remove any “stuck” body heat, while the mesh side cover encourages further breathability. The multiple layers to this mattress also help to restrict motion transfer, which means you can sleep easy, even if your partner’s tossing and turning.
In a smart move, Voila has added three different firmness level options (soft, medium, firm) which become available to you during the checkout process. In most cases, side sleepers prefer a softer mattress, back sleepers prefer a medium while stomach / heavy-set sleepers will find a firm comfortable. For those with sensitive allergies, there may be some issues with the addition of a fire-sock and multiple layers of gel-infused memory foam.

Voila Mattress Support

The memory foam and coil layers on the Voila mattress work together to give you an incredibly supportive sleep. As discussed, memory foam distributes body weight evenly across the mattress and this allows the coils to adequately support the spine. When the spine is properly supported without any excess pressure, the central nervous system functions correctly and blood is able to circulate through the body at the right speed. Together, these benefits result in a deeper sleep, reduction in aches and pains and faster muscle recovery. In addition to this, the 5 separate coil zones (including lengthwise “spine zone”) do a fantastic job of catering to each part of the body. The Voila mattress also has an official Chirohub seal with the Chiropractors across the country endorsing its use.

We consider the 3 firmnesses of the Voila Hybrid mattress to land in this range.

Voila Mattress Review


  • Supremely comfortable mattress does a great job of releasing pressure off the hips and shoulders
  • Sleeps cool for a multi-layered memory foam mattress
  • Individually pocketed coils contain 5 support zones for optimal support
  • Chirohub seal of approval
  • Limited motion transfer and multiple firmness options


  • A fire sock and multiple memory foam layers may cause slight irritation with those allergic to chemicals, solvents or glues
  • Limited 10-year warranty
  • Many of the layers are less than an inch thick while other layers are so insignificant that most brands don’t even bother to mention them
  • Reviews are not hosted by an authentic 3rd party review hosting agency
A Voila Queen mattress comes in at $1,199 which compares well against other online hybrids. When you take into account that this mattress has 13 layers, the value proposition increases. Delivery is free and returns are free if you have trialed the mattress for at least 30 days.
Trial and Warranty
Voila offers a 100-day trial and 10-year warranty on their mattress. This falls a little short of what others are offering in the market (20 years plus).


Upon first glance, the Voila mattress and its 13 layers may come across as confusing, but delve a little deeper and you’ll find that each layer works to its own strengths for a supremely comfortable and supportive sleep. The memory foam layers contour to the unique shape of your body while providing relief to the hips and shoulders which in turn puts less pressure on your spine. The pocketed coils have 5 sleeps zones including an innovative lengthwise sleep zone for correct spinal alignment. Overall the mattress sleeps cool and is well designed to expel body heat and with multiple firmness options, you’ll be able to find a firmness that suits you best. The Voila mattress has the Chirohub seal of approval and more information on the mattress can be found on their official sales page and Save $150 Here.

Voila Mattress Review