Sleep Ovation Mattress Review
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Sleep Ovation claims that their mattress is the most significant mattress invention in the last 100 years and at first look, it’s hard to disagree. Billed as “700 tiny mattresses in one”, the Sleep Ovation is made up entirely of 700 individually pocketed coils, each with their own hybrid foam topper. The mattress is chiropractor endorsed and is a favorite with pro athletes who are after optimal spinal support during times of sleep. To further understand this unique mattress concept, lets take a look at its construction:

Sleep Ovation Mattress Review

Sleep Ovation Mattress Construction

Stretch Knit Cover
The stretch knit cover has been specifically designed for the mattress. The cover is tight enough to hold everything together, but loose enough to allow the 700 individually pocketed coils to confirm to pressure points on the body. The cover easily zips off, however it is made of polyester, which reduces its breathability, and possibly increases heat retention.

Hybrid Foam
The hybrid polyfoam that sits on top of the mattress is 3” high and has been specifically designed for SleepOvation to complement the design of the individual coils. Polyfoam doesn’t breathe as well as some of the other foams on the market, however this is offset by the air channels that sit in-between each individual coil.

SleepOvation has invested heavily in coils and uses premium grade .81”/ 12-gauge steel to build springs that should last decades. The strong and responsive springs are encased in a fabric pocket underneath the individually cut hybrid foam. Together they create the “tiny mattress”, 700 of which make up a regular sized mattress.

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Sleep Ovation Mattress Comfort

Because each “tiny mattress” is two inches and individually pocketed, the mattress offers incredible comfort. The mattress seamlessly wraps itself around the contours of your body, keeping you comfortable in every sleeping position. Your partner will love it as well as the mattress design which eliminates motion transfer.

Another unique aspect of this mattress is its breathability. As the coils are pocketed in 2” squares, grids of air channels are created. This makes the mattress incredibly breathable, more so than any other mattress on the market. The rows of air channels help transfer body heat away from you and out of the mattress, enhancing your comfort levels.

The unique air-channels offer another advantage- they are very easy to clean. The mattress can be unzipped and air-channels cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

In terms of firmness levels- this one’s a little hard to comment on. The mattress only comes in one firmness, but the design is so unique, firmness isn’t such an important point. Because the 700 squares contour to each 2” part of your body, you feel comfortable and supported, no matter your firmness preference. If you were to judge the firmness based on the strength of the springs and the density of the polyfoam, you would say “medium”, however people with soft and firm preferences will still appreciate the mattress.

Sleep Ovation Mattress Support

The Sleep Ovation mattress is chiropractor approved, and for good reason. Due to the nature of construction, the mattress supports each individual vertebra (33) by essentially offering them their own individual 2” square. Each bone is cradled, resulting in outstanding spinal alignment. Pressure point relief is also individualized.

We consider the firmness of the Sleep Ovation mattress to land in this range.

Mattress Firmness Chart


  • Radical design- they’ve thought outside the box
  • Individually pocketed coils offer outstanding support
  • The mattress eliminates motion transfer
  • Rows of air channels provide advanced breathability
  • They have an authentic 3rd party review system set up
  • Easy to clean


  • Polyester stretch-knit cover reduces breathability close to the body
  • One firmness level raises questions
  • Untested design- hence a smaller (10 year) warranty
  • Edges do not have firmer coils for those edge sleepers
With such a radical design, it’s no wonder the Sleep Ovation mattress is more expensive than other online mattress retailers. The mattress is $1,499 for a queen without any discount code.
Trial and Warranty
Sleep Ovation mattress offers a 100-night trial, although claims have been made that it takes the mattress a full 30 nights just to break in. Keep this in mind if purchasing. Returns are free, although it would make sense to wait 1-2 months before returning. The mattress carries a 10-year warranty, which is low in comparison to today’s mattress warranty standards.


SleepOvation has changed the game with their “700 tiny mattresses” mattress and with patents pending, looks set to hold onto this design for a long time to come. Endorsed by everyone from chiropractors to NBA players, the mattress has quickly won over a lot of fans. The individual grid design offers outstanding comfort, support and breathability and eliminates motion transfer. Questions remain over the durability of the mattress and the use of polyester for the stretch knit cover is disappointing. Overall, these minor flaws can be overlooked and SleepOvation’s shift away from traditional mattress design is set to be a winner. For more information on the Sleep Ovation mattress, click here to save $250.

Sleep Ovation Mattress Review