Like most other online mattress companies, Purple Mattress is relatively new. However, unlike other companies, their story goes back close to 30 years. The duo behind Purple consists of Tony (a rocket scientist) and Terry (manufacturing) Pearce, two brothers who in 1989 teamed up, combined their knowledge and started making advanced wheelchair cushions that helped eliminate pressure sores. Fast forward to 2016 and the Pearce brothers have 30 product patents behind them, creating some of the most forward-thinking cushioning and foam products used across the world in everything from cars to golf bags.

Inspired by constant challenge and buoyed by the success of their hyper-elastic polymer (a material that stretches 15 times its size and doesn’t leave any weight impression), the brothers set out to build the perfect mattress, winning fans over almost immediately with their initial product offering, simply named the Original Purple Mattress. reviews the Purple Hybrid Mattress.
Purple Hybrid Mattress Review
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Purple Hybrid Mattress Construction

Determined to push the boundaries, the duo has gone on to release their New Purple Hybrid Mattress, a hybrid model with a number of impressive features and today, this is the mattress we’re going to look at. To get to know the mattress a little better, lets break down the layers:

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review
Comfort Stretch Cover:

The mattress cover is made of an ultra thin stretch knit that is specifically designed to work in tandem with the Smart Comfort Grid™ immediately beneath it. The knit cover allows for a decent amount of stretch without bunching and is is breathable, allowing body heat to pass away from your body and through the mattress.

Purple® Smart Comfort Grid™:

Developed in-house at the Purple HQ with their famed hyper-elastic polymer, the Smart Comfort Grid™ has been designed as a high-tech upgrade on memory foam.  The Smart Comfort Grid™ is not solid, but a layer of hollow waffle-grids that respond individually to the pressure that is placed directly on top of them. The Smart Comfort Grid™ is designed to distribute body weight evenly and given its unique composition, is breathable.

Specialized Comfort Foam:

A thin layer of ultra-durable polyurethane is placed inside the mattress to help transition between the foam and coil layers.

Responsive Support Coils:

A layer of 7.5-inch support coils are individually set into the mattress, providing focused support to every square inch of the body while enhancing motion isolation. The support coils enhance the mattresses durability and add a layer of bounce.

Durable Support Foam:

A base layer of high density foam provides structural integrity by keeping the support coils anchored, enhancing the durability of the mattress.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

Purple Hybrid Mattress Comfort

Because this mattress is a hybrid of multi-layered foam and high-strength coils, it provides a greater deal of personalized comfort when compared to traditional all-foam or innerspring mattresses. The Smart Comfort Grid™ is a patented design that offers the pressure relieving benefits of memory foam without any of the heat retention. The Smart Comfort Grid’s™ unique design flexes under the weight of your pressure points, providing ample cradle, support and comfort while enhancing motion isolation. The individually-set coils then help to evenly distribute body-weight, allowing you to rest easy without sore shoulders or hips. The coils also make the mattress responsive to changes in body position without having to “reset” like some memory foam mattresses.

In order produce a mattress that’s as comfortable as possible, the team at Purple Mattress has put added emphasis into breathability with the New Purple Mattress. The comfort stretch cover and Smart Comfort Grid™ both allow for optimal airflow and being at the top of the mattress, are responsible for dispersing most of the body heat that is expelled through the night. The addition of individually-set coils naturally create grids of air channels, allowing the mattress to breathe all the way down to the base. The side walls have also been upgraded in comparison to the Original Purple® Mattress, with a mesh based material allowing further breathability.

For those with allergies, all foams are CertiPUR-US certified, meaning that they are manufactured without the use of ozone depleters, harsh solvents or formaldehyde. In addition to this, the hyper-elastic polymer used to manufacture the Smart Comfort Grid™ is hypoallergenic and a natural dust mite deterrent.

Unlike the Original Purple® Mattress, the New Purple Hybrid Mattress is available in three firmness levels (soft, medium, firm). The difference between each firmness is the thickness of the Smart Comfort Grid™ which comes in 2-inch (firm), 3-inch (medium) and 4-inch options. The different firmness options are cleverly named Purple 2, Purple 3 and Purple 4. While most companies who offer multi-firmness options free of charge, Purple charges an additional $600 for each additional inch of the Smart Comfort Grid™ which means those with a softer sleep preference are going to be paying $1,200 more than those with a firm sleep preference.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Support

Due to the hybrid nature of the mattress, total body support is optimized. Because the Smart Comfort Grid™ eases pressure points, the spine is able to naturally align and extend- this is a key to getting a deeper sleep at night and may result in a reduction of aches and pains, faster muscle recovery after physical activity and better posture during the day. The Smart Comfort Grid™ is complimented well by the individually-set coils, which help to distribute weight evenly and keep the nerve channels within the spine equalized. The coils also help reinforce the perimeter of the bed, resulting in a larger usable surface area and a sturdier sleep towards the edges of the mattress.

We consider the 3 firmnesses of the Purple Hybrid mattress to land in this range.

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review


  • Hugely experienced HQ team with decades of cushion and foam innovation
  • Proprietary Smart Comfort Grid™ is innovative and effective, easing pressure points and allowing for increased breathability
  • Individually-set coils help distribute body weight evenly and support the nerve channels of the spine
  • CertiPUR-US certified + hypoallergenic properties
  • Great mattress for couples as the hybrid nature of the mattress isolates motion
  • White glove delivery and old mattress removal across the contiguous United States


  • No real thermo-regulating properties
  • Personalized firmness options are very expensive
  • Reviews are not hosted by an authentic 3rd party review agency
Most online hybrid mattresses retail for roughly $1,200-$1,500 (Queen) and the New Purple Hybrid Mattress differs in price depending which firmness layer you choose. The Purple 2 (firm) is the most competitively priced at $1,299 while the Purple 3 (medium) comes in at $1,899 and the Purple 4 (soft) at a whopping $2,499. Like most companies, delivery and returns are free. Given that this is a premium mattress, white glove delivery and old mattress removal are included across the contiguous United States which is a nice touch.
Trial and Warranty
Purple offers a 100-day trial on their new mattress which is more than enough time to make an informed decision. We recommend sleeping on the mattress for at least a month, as most mattresses have a breaking in period. The New Purple Mattress comes with a 10-year warranty which is not as long as others on the market, however given the materials used, it’s safe to assume that with normal use, the mattress should last longer than this.


The Pearce brothers have always been inspired by innovation and here, they continue to push the boundaries with the New Purple Hybrid Mattress. There are a number of notable improvements from their original offering, namely the addition of 7.5-inch individually-set coils, which offers a greater deal of personalized support and breathability in comparison to all-foam mattresses. It’s nice to see multi-firmness options come into play here, although increasing the price of the mattress by $600 for each additional inch of their proprietary Smart Comfort Foam™ seems too steep. The mattress delivers on cushioning comfort and is an excellent option for those who suffer from common allergies. The free white glove delivery and old mattress removal across the contiguous United States is a great touch and the coils should enhance the durability of the mattress. If you’re in the market for a new hybrid mattress and are looking for total comfort and support- this may be a good place to start. For more information on the New Purple Hybrid Mattress, take a look at their designs here.

Purple Mattress Review