Formed in 2007, the Plush Beds mattress was one of the very first companies offering mattresses online. Originally sourcing materials from a contract manufacturer, the company made the decision to expand into manufacturing themselves and now control a 50,000 square foot manufacturing space in California. Manufacturing their own mattresses gives them a key leg-up on the competition who mostly outsource their manufacturing. Plush Beds stands by the quality of their products and by manufacturing in-house, are able to tightly control every aspect of the mattress, ensuring each product is consistent with their customer’s unique order preferences.

PlushBeds Mattress Review
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Plush Beds Mattress Construction

Plush Beds Mattress manufactures a range of mattresses, however today we’re going to focus on their “Botanical Bliss” natural 10” latex mattress. There’s a lot to be said for the quality of materials they use so let’s break the mattress down layer by layer:

Plush Beds Mattress Review
Organic Cotton Cover: 

The mattress is topped with an organic cotton cover which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Organic cotton offers superior breathability and naturally wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you cool and dry at night.

100% Pure Wool: 
100% pure wool imported from New Zealand is sewn into the organic cotton cover. The Botanical Bliss uses 10 pounds of wool per mattress which is up to 3 times more than competing mattresses. Wool is naturally flame retardant and helps create a micro-climate for optimal temperature regulation and comfort.

100% Natural Talalay Latex Layer: 

The first 3” layer of latex is formulated for comfort and is aerated for enhanced breathability. The lighter latex contours to the body very well and disperses body weight evenly, reducing pressure point discomfort.

2 x Customizable Organic Latex Support Layers:
The next two 3” layers of organic latex are produced using the Dunlop process. The Dunlop process has been used for close to 100 years and involves steam baking the latex. Natural sediments settle into the bottom of the latex mold during manufacturing which produces a slightly denser material compared to Talalay latex. These two customizable layers form the support part of the mattress and help promote optimal spinal alignment.
Plush Beds Mattress Review

Plush Beds Mattress Comfort

The Botanical Bliss is engineered for comfort. The organic cotton cover with wool inner is an excellent choice for a mattress cover as it naturally allows body heat to disperse away from the body and through the mattress. The cotton and the wool work together to provide optimal thermo-regulation by wicking away moisture, eliminating clamminess, keeping you comfortable year-long.

The latex layers of this mattress contain natural properties that truly enhance comfort. Latex is naturally breathable, which means body heat doesn’t become trapped (like with memory foam) inside the mattress. The top layer of Talalay latex is softer than the bottom layers of Dunlop latex and naturally cradle every part of your body, offering exceptional pressure point relief.

Because all of the materials used in this mattress are natural, there are no flame retardants, glues, solvents or chemical sprays used in the manufacturing process. This makes the mattress an ideal choice for those who suffer from allergies or chemical irritations. Both Dunlop layers are also USDA certified organic.

The mattress is also cleverly set up in three latex layers (soft medium firm), which can be adjusted if the cover is unzipped. With three firmness options, most sleepers will find this mattress comfortable.

Plush Beds Mattress Support

The two layers of Dunlop latex are denser than the Talalay latex layer and are constructed to offer support. The layers work harmoniously together and naturally contour the body which promotes optimal spinal alignment. Pressure points are supported well and the firmer nature of the bottom two layers means you don’t tend to fall away when sleeping near the side of the bed (a common fault with polyfoam mattresses).

We consider the 3 firmnesses of the Plush Beds Botanical Bliss to land in this range.

Plush Beds Mattress Review


  • A completely natural mattress free of synthetic dies, chemicals, solvents or adhesives
  • Organic cotton / wool cover offers superior breathability, moisture control and thermo-regulation
  • Top layer of Talalay latex cushions pressure points, resulting in more comfort
  • Bottom two layers of Dunlop latex support pressure points and promote optimal spinal alignment
  • Multiple firmness options


  • On the expensive side for owning their own factory
  • Mattress is heavy and needs two people to set up
  • Changing firmness levels can be cumbersome
At $1,799 for a Queen, this mattress is at the premium end of the online market. This is justifiable as the Plush Beds Mattress is all-natural and only uses premium materials. Plush Beds Mattress is the largest importer of organic latex in the United States. The company has an exclusive partnership with ARPICO, one of the oldest latex manufacturers in the world with a plantation of 5.5 million rubber trees. ARPICO’s latex is free of all fillers, dies, chemicals and pesticides.
Trial and Warranty
The Botanical Bliss comes with a 100-night risk-free trial with a free return service if you feel the mattress is not for you. The mattress comes with a 25-year warranty which is a testament to the quality of the materials used.


There’s a lot to like about the Botanical Bliss mattress. Plush Beds has worked hard to construct a mattress entirely out of natural materials and free of harsh chemicals, dies, adhesives or solvents. The top cotton / wool layers facilitate heat transfer well and wick moisture away from you, keeping you cool and comfortable year-long. The layers of latex work well together to merge comfort and support, and with multiple firmness options, most people will find this mattress comfortable. Finally, as a manufacturer, you can trust that Plush Beds produces a consistent product, with long-standing partnerships and in-house innovation guiding mattress excellence. For more on the Plush Beds Botanical Bliss mattress, click here and save big!

Plush Beds Mattress Review