With rapid advances in modern technology, people are beginning to understand just how vital it is to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping well not only gives you more energy, but enhances your overall holistic health, and PangeaBed Mattress has developed a unique copper-latex mattress to improve all functions of your sleep.

PangeaBed Mattress Review
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PangeaBed Mattress Construction

The PangeaBed mattress utilizes four distinct layers, resulting in an all-foam mattress that optimizes comfort and support. To understand how each layer works, lets break the mattress down:

PangeaBed Mattress Review
Soft Foam Quilted Cover

The cover of the mattress is a thick cotton blend material with a soft foam backing. This adds an additional layer of plushness compared with most other mattresses, which have a top cover only. The thick nature of the material means the cover is very durable and the unique woven pattern is aesthetically pleasing.

Copper Infused 100% Pure Talalay Latex

Underneath the cover lies one and a half inches of 100% Talalay Latex infused with copper. Copper ions are able to interact with the body when in close contact, so it’s great to see the copper latex is directly underneath the cover. The latex is quick to respond and conforms well to the individual contours of your body.

PangeaBed™ Cloud Foam

A 1.5-inch layer of gel infused memory foam helps relieve weight from key pressure points across the body. As the foam is infused with gel, this layer sleeps cool and works hard to disperse body heat away from you and out of the mattress.

High Density Foam Support
The mattress is supported by a 7-inch layer of high density foam which adequately supports the weight of your body during the night. The foam base supports optimal spinal alignment and is extremely durable, meaning the mattress should last for a long time.
PangeaBed Mattress Review

PangeaBed Mattress Comfort

Billed as a mattress for optimal health, the PangeaBed Mattress delivers on their promise. The mattress is very comfortable, with the thick mattress cover adding an extra layer of luxury. The top layer of copper infused Talalay latex is well engineered, with the copper ions helping to improve overall health in a number of ways:

  • Copper ions help increase collagen production in the body for healthy, radiant skin
  • Copper ions help increase circulation in the body
  • Copper ions improve the balance of calcium in the body (reducing the chances of osteoporosis)
  • Copper is naturally anti-inflammatory
  • Copper is naturally anti-bacterial and antimicrobial

The above benefits can be achieved by coming into contact with copper ions, which is why this layer is right at the top of the mattress.

In addition to the copper, the mattress is very breathable and the layer of gel-infused memory foam helps you to sleep cool year round. For those who get frustrated with motion disturbance from your partner, you’ll be pleased to know that the foam layers in this mattress soak up body weight, which limits motion transfer. For those who sit on the sides of their bed regularly, take note that the mattress doesn’t offer exceptional firm-edge support, although it has to be said that this is a common problem with most all-foam mattresses.

PangeaBed Mattress Support

To add to their claim of providing a healthier sleep, the PangeaBed mattress offers excellent support. The memory foam layers relieve pressure points (especially across the shoulders, hips and knees) and equalize body weight which takes pressure off your spinal column. When your spinal column is correctly aligned, your central nervous system is able to function correctly which results in a reduction of common aches and pains. Correct spinal alignment also increases circulation through the body, allowing the body to recover faster after periods of exercise or injury.

We consider the firmness of the PangeaBed mattress to land in this range.

PangeaBed Mattress Firmness Review


  • Copper infused 100% pure Talalay latex offers a myriad of health benefits
  • Mattress cover with foam backing offers superior cushioning and plushness
  • Gel infused memory foam helps relieve weight off common pressure points
  • High density foam base offers great support and naturally aligns the spine across a number of sleeping positions
  • A great option for those who suffer from allergies
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  • Only one firmness level (medium)
  • Mattress is lacking in edge support (although this is a common issue with all foam mattresses)
  • The thick cover may reduce some of the optimal benefits of the copper
The PangeaBed mattress can be purchased directly from their website and a Queen bed retails for $995 which is roughly equal to most other all-foam mattresses online. Delivery and returns are free.
Trial and Warranty
The mattress comes with a 100-night sleep trial which is more than enough time to make an informed decision on the mattress. The mattress also comes with a 10-year warranty which is comforting, but not as long as some of the other mattress companies online.


In the quest for better health, PangeaBed Mattress has developed a mattress that not only ensures you sleep well at night, but helps improve your overall quality of life as well. The mattress is very well constructed and it’s pleasing to see the layer of copper infused Talalay latex near the top of the mattress for maximum exposure to the body. The cooling memory foam relieves pressure points and enables the high-density support foam to naturally align the spine (as there is less pressure on the hips). The price of the PangeaBed Mattress falls in line with most other all-foam competitors, however with the copper layer added, is great value. This is a great all-round mattress if you’re interested in improving your overall health. For more information on the PangeaBed Mattress, and to save $100 with free pillows, click here.

PangeaBed Mattress Review