Relatively new to the online mattress scene, Nuvanna’s mission is to help bring balance, peace and happiness into your life. They treat the art of mattress construction as a privilege, given the fact that we all spend a third of our lives sleeping. The Nuvanna Mattress belief is that by improving the sleep experience, we’re able function better as people, achieving more in life and creating a legacy for generations to come.

Nuvanna Mattress Review
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Nuvanna Mattress Construction

With over 20 years of material science and product innovation behind him, Nuvanna founder Alvaro Vaselli has set out to create the perfect mattress to fulfill his dream of helping millions of Americans improve how they function in life. The result is the Nuvanna Mattress; a premium, three-layer, all-foam mattress with a sleek design. To see what it’s made of, lets break it down:

Nuvanna Mattress Layer Review

Premium TENCEL® Fabric Cover
The cover of the mattress is made with premium TENCEL® material. TENCEL® is a fiber made from the wood pulp of trees and is produced without harsh chemicals and solvents. TENCEL® offers excellent breathing qualities and wicks moisture away from your body as you sleep, keeping you cool. It also helps to prevent bacteria growth. The TENCEL® mattress cover has an attractive two-tone pattern that weaves up and down the mattress.

Gel-Infused Hybrid Foam
A 2-inch layer of gel-infused hybrid foam forms the top of the mattress. The foam is specifically designed to contour to the natural shape of your body and cradles pressure points for excellent comfort. The foam is infused with gel particles, which dissipate body heat, helping you sleep cool.

Transition Memory Foam
This layer of foam has been designed to limit motion transfer. The foam reacts instantly by isolating sleep movements, will allow your partner to stay asleep if you’re tossing and turning at night. This second layer also offers further pressure point relief.

Supportive Foam Base
The base layer of the Nuvanna mattress provides active support without the traditional “sinking” feeling you get with other all-foam mattresses. This high density foam is very durable and helps promote proper spinal alignment by allowing the spine to naturally straighten across a range of sleeping positions.

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Nuvanna Mattress Comfort

The Nuvanna mattress has been thoughtfully designed for comfort and each layer works together to help achieve this. The TENCEL® cover is very breathable and as mentioned before, wicks moisture away from the body. Less moisture results in better thermo-regulation. The gel-infused hybrid foam offers superior cooling and partners with the transition memory foam to provide optimal pressure point relief and body contouring.
For those who suffer from allergies, you’ll be impressed with the TENCEL® cover, which helps to prevent bacterial growth and is made without harsh solvents or chemicals.
The mattress is rated as a medium and unfortunately Nuvanna doesn’t offer soft or firm options.

Nuvanna Mattress Support

While the top two layers of foam have been designed for breathability, comfort and motion isolation, the bottom 6-inch layer of high-density foam is responsible for support. The base layer is firm enough to eliminate the sinking feeling associated with all-foam mattresses, but is balanced enough for a medium-feel sleep when partnered with the top two layers above. The base layer support foam equalizes body weight well and helps align the spine, which is a key in relieving common aches and pains.

We consider the firmness of the Nuvanna mattress to land in the firmer range.

Nuvanna Firmness Chart


  • Sleek design and patterned cover
  • TENCEL® cover offers excellent breathability and wicks moisture away from the body for a dry, comfortable nights’ sleep
  • Top layer of foam is infused with gel, eliminating the issue of heat retention which often plagues all-foam mattresses
  • The middle layer of transition foam helps limit motion transfer
  • The base layer equalizes body weight and offers adequate support for the spine


  • Comes in a medium-firmness only
  • Some off-gassing and just an average warranty period
Nuvanna has thought through their costing process carefully and markets their Queen for $890. This makes it one of the most competitive all-foam mattresses on the market. Delivery is free, however white glove delivery is not yet available. For those in Alaska or Hawaii, there is a $100 shipping charge.
Trial and Warranty
Nuvanna offers a 100-day risk-free trial which gives you plenty of time to allow the mattress to break in. Should you wish to return the mattress, Nuvanna will donate it to the Salvation Army which is a nice touch. The mattress comes with a 10-year warranty; however the mattress should last much longer than this.


Designed to help you live life to your fullest, the Nuvanna mattress offers style, comfort support and value. Simplistic in design, each layer carries its own specific function, resulting in a mattress that performs highly all-round. For an all-foam mattress, it sleeps very cool and the TENCEL® cover ensures a clammy-free sleep. Individual pressure points (especially the hips and shoulders) are very well cushioned and the base layer helps to keep the spine aligned through the night. Priced lower than most competitors, this is a high-quality mattress that offers tremendous value. For more on the Nuvanna mattress, you can save $125 on their website here.

Nuvanna Mattress Review