A trailblazer in the online mattress industry, Novosbed Mattress is one of the very first companies to ditch the middle-men and offer mattresses online. Founded in 2009 (which seems like an eternity ago), Novosbed likes to keep things simple. They offer one single mattress (simply named the Novosbed) and a bedframe, bucking the latest trend of companies expanding their range to offer several mattresses and accessories.

NovosBed Mattress Review
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NovosBed Mattress Construction

The NovosBed Mattress is built as the worlds most affordable luxury mattress and is made up of 3 differing layers of memory foam and a machine-washable top layer. Nice and simple. They don’t do a good job illustrating what each layer is made of, but here’s what they offer:

Ultra Soft Washable Cover
Novosbed’s ultra soft washable cover is made from unique Tencel® fiber which is taken from the wood of pulp trees (which are sustainably replaced). Tencel fiber is naturally engineered to wick moisture away from your body, keeping you dry, cool and comfortable through the night.

Novos Comfort Zone
The Novos comfort zone is made up of high-dense airflow memory foam. Airflow memory foam is made up of millions of microscopic air cells within the foam that efficiently transfer air away from your body and out of the mattress. This memory foam is wrapped in an Interlock Blue™ Core Cover, which is woven with a 2-way stretch technology that further promotes airflow and helps keep you dry.

Recore™ Transition Zone
The Recore™ Transition Zone is made up of transitional airflow memory foam that is designed to offer exceptional pressure point relief. The foam helps spread pressure across your body and dissipates motion transfer, allowing your partner to sleep easy if you’re tossing and turning during the night.

Durabase™ Support Zone
High density, premium support foam that promotes correct spinal alignment across a number of common sleeping positions.

NovosBed Mattress Comfort

The NovosBed Mattress caters to most adults by offering three different mattress options (soft, medium, firm). Soft mattresses suit side sleepers, medium mattresses suit back sleepers and firm mattresses suit stomach sleepers and those who are a little heavier set. NOTE: Before you go ahead and purchase any new mattress, make sure you do your research on firmness options for specific positions and remember to take your height and weight into consideration.

NovosBed Mattress Support

The NovosBed Mattress offers support on three different levels. The unique Tencel® fiber cover and airflow foam technology are excellent thermo-regulators (keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter). The transitional memory foam evenly spreads bodyweight, offering pressure point relief, while the high density Durabase™ foam acts as as stable foundation, encouraging correct spinal alignment.

We consider the firmness of the NovosBed Mattress to land in this range.

NovosBed Firmness Chart
A queen-sized NovosBed Mattress is a little more expensive than most all-foam competitors at $1,099 before any discount code.
Trial and Warranty:
Because NovosBed Mattress offers their mattress in three firmness options, they understand that you may not get your firmness right the first time. In what’s a first for any online mattress company, Novosbed invented Comfort+, a free firmness kit that is sent out to those would like to change their mattress firmness during the trial period. Simply call their customer service team and they’ll send you either a soft or firm adjustment kit that zips into the existing mattress. The kit takes less than 2 minutes to install.  On top of this, they offer a 120-day trial and 15-year warranty, which is about standard for most online mattress companies these days.
NovosBed Mattress Review


  • The original online mattress company- their mattress has been sold for almost 10 years and has thousands of positive reviews
  • Their reviews are sourced through a reputable 3rd party authentic review collection agency
  • Tencel® fabric cover wicks away moisture keeping you dry through the night
  • Airflow memory foam is made up of millions of microscopic cells that allow air to seamlessly flow through the mattress. This results in greater comfort
  • Transitional memory foam spreads body pressure evenly across your body, reducing pain and soreness
  • Three firmness options with free firmness kits for those who would like their mattresses a little softer or firmer


  • Tencel® cover also includes polyester, which may hinder fabric breathability
  • No firm edge support which means sitting on the edge of the bed may not be as stable as other mattresses
  • Getting near the expensive range at $1,099 for a queen before any discounts
  • Some off-gassing that typically takes about a week to subside


In an impressive display of longevity in a cutthroat online marketplace, Novosbed has stood the test of time. While others have tried to cram as many features as possible into their mattresses, Novosbed have kept things simple, relying on premium, high-density foam to provide comfort and support. Multiple firmness options and adjustment kits mean the mattress is suitable for a wide range of sleepers. If you’d like to shop the Novosbed, you can take a look at the mattress and save $100 here.

NovosBed Mattress Review