In an effort to provide customers with a more comfortable sleep, Muse Mattress has launched an all-foam design that offers superior cooling features as well as multiple firmness options. In a limited amount of time, the company has built a fan-base of customers nationwide and now has their sights set on select international markets, having just opened offices in France and China.

Muse Mattress Review
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Muse Mattress Construction

With so many all-foam mattresses on the market, it’s difficult to carve your own niche. Muse Mattress has focused on creating a cooling mattress that offers the supportive benefits of memory foam without the heat retention. To take a look at their mattress further, lets break it down layer by layer:

Muse Sleep Layers Review

Diamond Breeze Cooling Cover
Muse has realized that for a mattress to be cooling, its most thermo-regulating materials need to be at the very top. The Diamond Breeze cooling cover is knitted with Cold Wire Plus temperature control yarns that wick away moisture and are cool to the touch.

Temperature Regulating Gel Memory Foam
The top 2” layer of memory foam is infused with a unique cooling gel. The gel helps eliminate the heat retention properties of memory foam, while still offering classic memory foam comfort and support.

Responsive Comfort Memory Foam
The second layer of foam comes in different firmness levels (soft, medium, firm) depending on your preference. This layer of memory foam is a little denser than the top layer and helps to relieve pressure points while acting as a transition between the softer top layer and base layer of foam.

Supportive Foundation
An 8” layer of dense, durable foam makes up the base layer of the mattress. The base layer holds the mattress together and prevents you from sinking too far into the mattress.

Muse Sleep Review

Muse Mattress Comfort

Most memory foam mattresses tend to retain body heat; however, Muse Mattress has worked hard to incorporate additional materials that eliminate this issue. As a result, the mattress is very cool and comfortable to sleep on.

The propriety Diamond Breeze cooling cover is a unique blend of carefully selected fabrics specifically designed to enhance comfort. The material is uniquely phase-changing, which means it openly breathes and absorbs the ambient temperature in your bedroom. This makes the fabric remarkably cool the touch and it stays cool through the night. The Cold Wire Plus temperature control yarns are a mixture of polyester and polyethylene, which have been engineered to wick moisture away from the body. Keeping you dry as you sleep, the enhanced thermo-regulation adds to comfort. The first layer of memory foam is gel-infused, which also adds to the cooling effect of the mattress.

The two layers of memory foam do a great job of cushioning pressure points, in particular, your hips and shoulders. The second layer of memory foam is slightly denser, which means you’re able to feel snug and cradled without sinking too far into the mattress.  The two layers of memory foam also help eliminate motion transfer, meaning your partner will remain undisturbed if you’re one to toss and turn at night.

Muse Mattress Support

While this mattress has been engineered for cooling comfort, it also offers well-rounded support. The memory foam contours to the shape of your body, which helps your spine to stay aligned across a number of the most common sleeping positions. The transition layer of memory foam comes in several firmness options and the base layer of foam stops you from sinking into the mattress.

We consider the firmnesses of the Muse Sleep Mattress to land in this range.

Muse Sleep Firmness Review


  • Unique Diamond Breeze cooling cover wicks away moisture and is cool to the touch
  • Gel infused memory foam provides optimal support while eliminating any possible heat retention issues
  • Responsive comfort memory foam comes in multiple firmness options
  • Supports pressure points well
  • CertiPUR-US® certified- made without harsh glues, solvents or chemicals


  • Lower than usual warranty
  • Heaviness of the mattress makes it a little difficult to put the cover back on after washing
  • They do not appear to have an authentic 3rd party review collection agency in place
At $950 for a Queen, the Muse mattress stacks up at a similar price-point to other all-foam competitors. For every ten mattresses sold, Muse will give away a mattress to a charity in need. Delivery and returns are free.
Trial and Warranty
Muse Mattress offers a 120-night trial which is a good amount of time. It’s recommended that you give the mattress at least 30 days to break in, although you will feel the cooling effects of the mattress from the first night. There is a 10 year limited warranty on all mattresses – this falls short of what most other mattress companies offer.


In a quest for coolness, Muse has done very well. Their signature mattress contains some impressive materials, most notably the Diamond Breeze cooling cover with temperature control yarns. The cover wicks away moisture efficiently and will help keep you cool year round. The memory foam layers provide excellent comfort and support, with the top layer being gel infused, adding to coolness. The middle and base layers of the mattress support optimal spinal alignment and help to avoid the sinking feeling you get with other all foam-mattresses. The price is comparable with others on the market and the limitation of motion transfer makes this an ideal mattress for couples. For more on the Muse mattress, you can check out their website and save 15% here when you take their mattress quiz.

Muse Sleep Mattress Review