Luxi Mattress Review
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Founded by an energetic father-daughter combo, the Luxi mattress is an adjustable bed-in-a-box company focused on providing you with your most supportive sleep yet. Founded only a couple of years ago, the memory foam mattress has proved popular with customers nationwide with its innovative SBT (Support Balancing Technology) foam offering excellent support. All together, there are five layers to this mattress and we’ll break them down below:

Luxi Mattress Construction

Luxi Layers Review

Memory Foam Quilted Cover
A thin layer of memory foam sits on top of the mattress to enhance plushness and feel. The foam is encased with a quilted cover, with grooves running down the mattress to help draw body heat away from the body.

Patented Support Balancing Foam (SBT) Technology
This patented design utilizes hundreds of foam columns topped off with thin foam squares which cover the mattress. The foam squares are individually cut and support your body with personalized compression and contouring. The design of the the foam columns are smart, as they also provide channels in which air can escape through the mattress.

Adaptive Transition Foam
A thin layer of adaptive transition foam controls the level of sink and helps to damper movement, reducing motion transfer.

Luxitex Foam
A slightly denser foam that replicates the “springy” feeling that you often get with innerspring or hybrid mattresses. A nice addition for comfort.

Durable Base Foam
The final layer is a durable base foam that supports the rest of the layers.

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Luxi Mattress Comfort

The Luxi Mattress fares very well on the comfort front. Although memory foam mattresses are well known for sleeping hot, Luxi has utilized some unique technology to help combat this problem. All foam layers use open cell foam. Open cell foam contains millions of microscopic air pockets that help facilitate the efficient transfer of air through the mattress. These air pockets also act as springs, giving the foam layers a very responsive feel.
In addition to this, the Support Balancing Foam columns are individually set, which creates grids of air channels across the entire mattress. This gives hot air (from body heat) ample chance to escape the mattress.
The Luxi Mattress is also customizable. The mattress can be unzipped and layers rearranged to create a soft, medium or firm mattress. For sizes Queen and up, the mattress comes split in two, giving you the ability to create a dual firmness mattress. The mattress is very easy to configure and is shipped to you as a medium (unless requested otherwise).

Luxi Mattress Support

The Support Balancing Technology Foam columns are an excellent innovation and give this mattress an edge over competitors. The foam columns are constructed in grids, which means they individually cushion and support every 2” square of your body. They do this in much the same way as individually pocketed coils on hybrid mattresses. An added benefit however is that the foam has much more movement capability. The foam columns don’t just shift up and down (like coils), but are also able to contour to the sides and diagonally, giving you complete support.

We consider the 3 firmnesses of the Luxi 3-in-1 mattress to land in this range.

Luxi Firmness Chart


  • A memory foam mattress that doesn’t sleep hot
  • Unique Support Balancing Foam technology offers outstanding support and pressure point relief
  • Luxitex foam adds spring
  • Easily customizable at home
  • Unique 1,000-night pledge is a nice touch


  • Doesn’t offer much in the way if firm edge support
  • On the expensive side for a foam mattress and 10-year warranty falls short of what customers expect these days
  • Reviews don’t appear to be hosted by a 3rd party agency
  • We would not recommend this if you specifically want the Firm option
The Luxi 3-in-1 mattress retails at $1,299 for a queen, which is slightly more expensive than most other online memory foam mattresses on the market. Shipping is free.
Trial and Warranty
The Luxi Mattress offers a 100-night trial and a 10-year warranty, which is a little on the light side. A unique feature however is the 1,000-night pledge. If you are still having comfort issues with your mattress and you’ve had it for less than 1,000 nights, the company will work personally with you to see what can be done to customize your mattress.


The Luxi 3-in-1 mattress does well to stand out from the memory foam crowd with the addition of their patented Support Balancing Technology layer. These foam columns work in a similar way to individually pocketed coils by supporting whatever part of the body is directly on top of them. The result is a contoured mattress feel that relieves pressure points and increases comfort. The mattress uses open cell foam technology to enhance breathability and is uniquely customizable in-home. For more on the Luxi 3-in-1 mattress, check out their sales page and save $75 with 2 free pillows with code: Luxi75.

Luxi Mattress Review