Formed a couple of years ago by a team of experienced mattress representatives, Live and Sleep (L&S) has used their decades of knowledge to create a range of mattresses that hit the consumer sweet-spot. Constructed with premium materials, Live and Sleep mattresses provide optimal comfort and support in the vein of premium showroom mattresses, while priced at some of the lowest rates online.

live and sleep mattress review
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Live and Sleep Construction

There are three separate mattresses in the L&S range, however today we’re going to focus on their high-end model, simply named the Luxury Mattress. Made of three differing layers of premium foams, the Luxury Mattress is designed for a superb night’s rest. Let’s take a look at each layer to see what it offers:

live and sleep mattress review
Breathable Stretch-Knit Cover:

The cover of the L&S Luxury Mattress is made of a stretch knit fabric that is designed to enhance breathability. Having a breathable cover enables body heat to be drawn away from your body and into the mattress, keeping you more comfortable at night. The cover is tightly stretched over the mattress and doesn’t bunch during the night.

Responsive Memory Foam: 

Directly under the breathable cover lies 2.5” of premium memory foam. Memory foam does an excellent job of conforming to your body shape and equalizes body weight, taking pressure off common stress points such as the shoulders and hips.

Gel Infused Memory Foam: 

A 1” layer of gel infused memory foam does a great job eliminating the “sleeping hot” issues most common memory foam mattresses seem to have. This layer also complements the top layer of memory foam, enhancing pressure point relief.

Total Body Support Core: 

The base (8.5”) of the mattress utilizes high density (HD) support core foam to give the mattress a stable base. This foam is built to last and will keep the mattress structured and together for years to come.

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Live and Sleep Comfort

By including two layers of memory foam, the Live and Sleep Luxury Mattress is as comfortable as they come. Because body weight is evenly distributed (unlike innerspring mattresses which create upward pressure that results in tension on the shoulders and hips), your body feels sung, rested and relaxed.
As discussed, memory foam mattresses tend to sleep hot, however the second layer of memory foam is infused with gel to help cool the body down, keeping you comfortable. The Luxury Mattress isn’t the most breathable mattress on the market so the gel infusion is a nice touch, however adding this gel into the top layer of the mattress may have worked a little better.
In terms of firmness options, the Luxury Mattress comes in a “balanced” firmness, with a rating of roughly 6. Live and Sleep has three mattresses on the market, each with a different firmness rating (soft / balanced / firm). This is a unique approach however it would have been nice to have the Luxury Mattress come with multiple firmness options.
For those who suffer from allergies, the Luxury Mattress is an excellent choice. The mattress contains CertiPUR-US certified materials which guarantees the mattress isn’t made with ozone depleters, dangerous flame retardants, mercury, lead, other heavy metals or formaldehyde. There will be a short off-gassing period once the mattress is set up, however these fumes aren’t dangerous and will dissipate within a couple of days at most.

Live and Sleep Support

While Live and Sleep keeps things simple with only three layers, this doesn’t mean the mattress lacks any support. Both layers of memory foam work well together to relieve pressure on the hips and shoulders, two of the body’s most common pressure points. By re-distributing body weight across the entire body, the spine is less compressed and is able to straighten out and correctly align over the course of the night. Proper spinal alignment during sleep allows for better circulation across the entire body, improving the function of the nervous system, oxygen intake and muscle recovery. The high-density foam support base adds stability and works well with the memory foam.

We consider the firmness of the Live and Sleep mattress to land in this range.

live and sleep mattress review


  • Dual layers of memory foam conform to the body and take pressure off the hips and shoulders
  • Less pressure means a less compressed spine during the night
  • High-density support core foam gives the mattress durability and structure; this mattress should go well past its 20-year warranty
  • Unique partnership with NEAH helps make a real difference
  • Good reviews from a trusted 3rd party hosting agency
  • Very well priced


  • Top memory foam layer isn’t gel infused- may sleep a little hot for some people
  • Only one firmness option
  • Slight off-gassing
Memory Foam Mattress and a smail
At only $849 for a Queen, the Luxury Mattress is one of the best value memory foam mattresses on the market. Shipping (2-day) and returns are free however white-glove delivery is not available.
One of L&S’s founding principles is to use their knowledge, ability and hearts to help improve the lives of others. As a result, L&S has partnered with the National Alliance to End Homelessness (NAEH) , a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness in the United States. A portion of every purchase (percentage unspecified) goes to NAEH to help them with this important mission.
Trial and Warranty
The Luxury Mattress comes with a 100-night trial and 20-year warranty, both of which are standard in the online mattress world.


L&S has done very well to live up to their vision of producing a high quality memory foam mattress at a price that is more competitive than most others on the market. Given that the Luxury Mattress is actually their most expensive, there’s a L&S mattress mattress that falls into almost everybody’s price range.
Comfort-wise, the Luxury Mattress is a winner. Both layers of memory foam do a great job of distributing body weight, taking pressure off the hips and shoulders. In turn, this helps to naturally straighten the spine and allows for greater circulation which will result in the reduction of common aches and pains. The addition of cooling gel in the second memory-foam layer is a nice touch and although not on the top layer, it will still help keep most people cool. L&S is proud of their partnership with NEAH and has done well to keep their pricing sharp while still offering a portion of proceeds to this worthy charity. To take a look at the L&S Luxury Mattress yourself, head on over to their site and Save $150 here.
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