Given that there has been an explosion of interest in organic products over the last 10 years, it was only a matter of time until a mattress company went ahead and created a 100% certified organic mattress. Lifekind took this challenge head-on and has created the LifeKind Organic Rose Mattress – a mattress with a raft of certified organic certifications that stack up not just on paper, but in comfort too. In-fact, the company offers a “purity promise”, guaranteeing you your money back if you can find a mattress with more organic qualifications.

LifeKind Mattress Reviews
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LifeKind Organic Rose Mattress Construction

The LifeKind Organic Rose Mattress incorporates a fairly simple hybrid design, however it’s the quality of the materials used that really stand out. Let’s take a closer look:

LifeKind Mattress Reviews

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton and Wool Cover
A thick layer of pure, certified organic wool is encased in a 100% cotton cover. The cover is cushion quilted which enhances feel and softness. Both fabrics are GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and certificates are displayed proudly on the website.

3” Certified Organic Latex
Used as the comfort level of the mattress, Lifekind have chosen 100% certified organic latex with no other natural polymer layers. Latex is an incredibly responsive and cushioning material that supports pressure points and spinal alignment well. The latex comes in three firmness options (medium, medium-firm, firm), which can be chosen when the mattress is ordered. We found it odd that they don’t offer a soft latex topper, meaning this mattress may not be suitable for side-sleepers.

Individual Pocketed Coils
The rest of the mattress is made up with a series of individually pocketed coils. The coils are graded as medium firm and are wrapped in a unique, completely biodegradable fabric made from corn. The coils are then enclosed in 100% cotton, which is slightly thicker to help protect them as the latex topper lies on top.

The whole mattress is finally wrapped up in a cotton-wool blend quilted cover.

LifeKind Organic Rose Comfort

The beauty of the Rose Mattress lies in its simplicity. As there are only three layers (cotton cover / latex / coils), each material has the opportunity to showcase its natural strength without too many other layers infringing.
In terms of comfort, the materials used are all naturally comfortable. The cotton-wool cover is extremely breathable and helps facilitate heat way from the body and through the mattress. Wool also naturally wicks moisture away from the body, meaning you won’t feel clammy as you sleep.
Latex is also naturally breathable, with microscopic air channels running all the way through the mattress (due to its natural composition). Air passes through latex easily, allowing you to sleep cool and comfortable year-round.
For those with allergies, the Rose Mattress offers outstanding protection. The mattress is completely certified organic, meaning it has been manufactured chemical and solvent free. The three main materials (cotton, wool, latex) are all naturally anti-bacterial and help protect against mold, mildew and dust-mites.

LifeKind Organic Rose Support

The Rose Mattress offers excellent support. Their decision to go down the hybrid route should pay off, with consumers becoming better informed and expectant of mattresses that offer them individualized support. The pocketed coils are spaced well and will promote correct spinal alignment in a range of positions. The coils also help eliminate motion transfer, which makes this mattress excellent for couples.
The coils are complemented by the 3” layer of latex, which cradles the body offering pressure point relief.

We consider the 3 firmnesses of the LifeKind Organic Rose mattress to land in this range.

LifeKind Mattress Reviews


  • A commitment to natural materials- everything is certified organic
  • Each layer is inherently breathable, resulting in a cool and comfortable sleep
  • All materials are naturally hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and more resistant to dust-mites than other mattresses
  • The coils and latex work well together to provide excellent support and the latex layer is customizable upon order
  • Tons of accessories and options to choose from
  • Decent reviews from a trusted 3rd party review hosting agency


  • You get what your pay for. Great mattress, but on the expensive side
  • Not ideal for sleepers who prefer soft mattresses- medium is as soft as it gets
Organic materials generally cost more and when it comes to mattress materials, this is no exception. It should be no surprise that the Rose Mattress is on the expensive side at $1,699 for a queen, before any discount codes. This mattress is well suited for those who don’t mind paying a bit extra for premium, certified organic materials.
Trial and Warranty
LifeKind Organic Rose offers a 90-day trial on their mattress (fairly standard) and a 20-year warranty which is a decent amount of time. The company charges a shipping fee (depending on location) doesn’t make mention of free returns- be sure to check with the customer service team if you decide to purchase.


With no less than 7 certified organic qualifications, the LifeKind Organic Rose Mattress has taken the use of premium mattress materials to a new level. There’s a lot to like about the Rose Mattress- its simplistic hybrid design, breathability, individualized pressure point support and hypo-allergenic protection are all standouts. While it is on the expensive side and strangely leaves out a soft mattress option, the LifeKind Organic Rose Mattress comes up strong on all other fronts. Learn more here.

LifeKind Organic Rose Mattress Reviews