Founded in 2015 when the industry was still ripe for disruption, The simple three-tiered Leesa Mattress has won over a legion of fans who were interested in a comfortable mattress without having to pay store or salesperson commissions. Three years on, the success of the original Leesa mattress has spawned not only additional products, but additional businesses as well, with the company now an industry powerhouse.

Leesa Mattress Reviews
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Leesa Mattress Construction

The beauty of the Leesa mattress lies in its simplicity. Three foam layers, each with their own specific function, wrapped up in a mattress cover. To understand how this minimal mattress works, let’s look at each layer individually:

Leesa Mattress Layer Reviews

Mattress Cover
The mattress cover is made with a blended polyester material and is relatively thick compared to other mattress covers. The cover is soft to the touch and feels a little “fuzzy” which adds to the comfort factor. The material feels durable and enough air passes through it to allow the cover to disperse body heat.

Comfort Layer
The comfort layer of the mattress is made with 2 inches of Avena foam. Avena foam has a similar composition to latex, which means it responds to pressure well and gives the mattress a comfortable level of bounce. This layer is designed very well, with small holes running through the foam (in the form of a grid) and an egg carton design providing ample room for breathability.

Recovery Layer
The recovery layer of the mattress is specifically designed for pressure point relief. The foam cradles the contours of your body and molds itself in a way that promotes optimal spinal alignment. The recovery layer is 2 inches thick and isn’t easily felt when lying on the mattress, which means you receive optimal support while still feeling like you’re sleeping on a single-layer mattress.

Support Layer
The support layer is made up of 6 inches of dense core foam and supports the top two layers well. The dense core foam helps the mattress hold its shape.

Leesa Mattress Reviews

Leesa Mattress Comfort

While the mattress is simple, it’s certainly comfortable. The top comfort layer has been very well designed and offers excellent airflow. Airflow promotes optimal thermo-regulation, meaning that you sleep cool in summer and warm in winter. Because the Avena foam responds like latex, motion transfer is also reduced, which makes this mattress a good option for couples. When Leesa launched this mattress in 2015, the firmness level was medium-firm and have stuck with this ever since, which means sleepers who prefer softer mattresses may need to look at other options.

Leesa Mattress Support

The mattress offers support in two key areas- pressure point relief and spinal support. The Avena foam cushions the pressure points which provides comfort and helps to reduce aches and pains. The memory foam layer provides enough give to feel like your body is being correctly supported without the “sinking” feeling that memory mattresses are known for. While the recovery layer of foam supports the spine well, it would have been nice to have seen some zoned support included with this layer.

We consider the firmness of the Leesa mattress to land in this range.

Leesa Firmness Chart


  • Very well received- over 12,000 5 star reviews
  • Avena foam responds very well and gives the top level a nice amount of bounce
  • Avena foam egg carton design offers excellent breathability
  • Recovery layer promotes spinal alignment and offers pressure point relief
  • White glove delivery in selected cities and an excellent social impact program


  • Would have been nice to have seen zoned support for the lumbar region
  • One firmness (medium-firm) only
  • Reviews aren’t hosted by an authentic 3rd party agency
Leesa Mattress goes toe-to-toe with their main competitor Casper in this department and offers their Queen mattress for $995 before any discount codes. Delivery is within 3-6 business days (free shipping) and the company offers a white glove delivery service in selected cities, which means some of you won’t need to set the mattress up yourself. 
What’s unique to Leesa is their commitment to the causes they believe in. In what must be an industry first, Leesa pledge to give one mattress away to someone in need for every 10 sold. So far, Leesa has given away an incredible 30,000 mattresses. In addition to this, they plant one tree for every mattress sold, which means somewhere in America there’s a Leesa forest for everyone to enjoy.
Trial and Warranty
Leesa offers a 100-night risk-free trial as well as a free return policy, although it’s suggested you take a full month to break in the mattress. The Leesa mattress is covered by a 10-year full replacement limited warranty.


Lessa has one of the most highly reviewed mattresses in the industry and people seem to love its simplicity, support and comfort. The Avena foam top layer is the standout here, offering excellent breathability and a level of bounce that promotes comfort and eliminates the potential for sinkage from the memory foam underneath. The mattress supports the spine well and helps soak up weight from pressure points, however would benefit from zoned support and multiple firmness options. Their social impact is to be commended and overall, they offer a product that scrubs up well for the price. For more information on the Leesa mattress, and to save $150, click here.

Leesa Mattress Reviews