Layla Mattress Reviews
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Layla Sleep got its start in 2015 as the mattress in the box trying to fight homelessness with every mattress purchased. Since then, they have focused themselves primarily on making a better mattress, crafting a copper-infused memory foam mattress for everyone. With materials that are cooler and customizable, there is definitely something to this mattress. If you are interested in a medium to soft all-foam mattress, this is Layla mattress is worth a look.

Layla Mattress Construction

Layla Mattress Layer Reviews

Thermo-Gel Cover
Layla mattress has a thermo-gel cover that helps to keep the temperature regulated at night. Layla mattress is very good at absorbing movement so you don’t disturb your partner.

3″ Copper Infused Memory Foam
This is the soft layer of the mattress, it gives the body warmth and a relaxing feel. The copper helps to prevent the growth of bacteria as well as viruses, thus helping to promote a healthy sleeping environment.  This layer has hypoallergenic qualities and helps to eradicate odor-causing bacteria.

2″ Convoluted Support Foam
This part features cooling pockets and, wavy air-flow channels to improve breathability and heat dissipation.

4.5″ Base Support Foam
It is a thick layer and it serves as the support level, or an inner core. It helps to keep your spine properly aligned helping to reduce pressure points. This is the level that ensures you never sink as you change positions.

1″ Bottom Copper Layer
Copper infused memory foam, which makes up the top of the firm side.

Layla Mattress Comfort

Most find that the softer side or the firmer side will satisfy the majority of body sizes and sleep positions.  They rate their mattress as a Medium for the softer side and a Medium-Firm for the firmer side.  We feel that the ideal sleeper for this mattress will have a small to average body size with a back or side sleeping position.  The smaller folks or side sleepers would likely prefer the softer side, where larger folks or back/stomach sleepers will likely prefer the firmer side.

We consider the 2 firmnesses of the Layla Sleep mattress to land in this range.

Layla Mattress Firmness Reviews


  • Copper infused memory foam is very effective at getting rid of body heat and claims health benefits
  • Minimal to zero motion transfer between partners
  • Convoluted layer offers great airflow and breathability
  • Dual-firmness makes the mattress ideal for most people
  • Affordable choice for those who love the all-foam mattress


  • Not as much bounce as an innerspring or latex mattress
  • Significantly different feel if you are used to traditional or spring mattresses
  • Their reviews don’t appear to be hosted by a 3rd party authentic review agency
A standard queen will set you back $899 before any discount code.  This is slightly on the higher end of things for an all-foam mattress design.  But they do bring something new to the table.
Trial and Warranty
A 120-night home trial and lifetime warranty is very generous indeed. Just remember to make full use of the trial as it can often take a while to fully adjust to a new mattress.


With high quality materials and a unique all-foam design, the Layla offers levels of comfort and support that most other mattress companies are unable to match. The layers of foam have been thoughtfully selected, meaning motion transfer is now a thing of the past. Even though we couldn’t find much info about their cover, it is replaceable and the rest of the mattress has been clearly built to stand the test of time. For more information, visit the Layla Mattress website and save $100 here.

Layla Mattress Reviews