The team at Idle Sleep understands that purchasing a mattress is an investment that should pay dividends over the long term. In order to separate themselves from other competitors in a crowded online mattress market, the uniquely designed “2-sided” Idle Sleep hybrid mattress, can be flipped and rotated at will, greatly extending the lifetime of the mattress.

Idle Sleep Mattress Review
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Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress Construction

This is definitely a unique mattress that repeats each layer on the top and bottom so it can be flipped without changing comfort or support layers. Let’s take a look at each layer to see why this Idle Sleep hybrid mattress is rated so highly by customers nationwide:

Idle Sleep Mattress Review
ThermaCool™ Quilted Cover 

The mattress cover is wrapped with a proprietary ThermaCool™ fabric. This fabric is threaded with smart fiber cross-zones which provide superior moisture wicking, helping to keep your body dry through the night. Enhanced dryness leads to greater thermo-regulation and optimal comfort. The cover is quilted with 1” of quilting foam for added plushness.

Airflow Response Foam 

A 1” layer of airflow response foam is ventilated for enhanced airflow and superb temperature control. The foam is inherently reactive, keeping you comfortable and minimizing tossing or turning.

Cooling Buoyancy Foam 

Developed in-house, this 2- inch layer of foam has been specifically designed to conform to the contours of your body, offering up to 4x better pressure relief when compared to traditional memory foam mattresses. The buoyancy foam is not temperature sensitive when compared to memory foam, ensuring the foam stays at the correct density year-round.

Quantum Edge-To-Edge Pocketed Coils  

A layer of 6” individually pocketed coils (over 1,000 in a Queen mattress) provide excellent support across your whole body. Because the coils are individually set, each square inch of your body is supported by its own coil. This is especially important for your spine as the coils ensure you stay correctly aligned while you sleep.

Repeated Layers 
Because the Idle Sleep 14″ Hybrid Mattress is flippable, the same foam layers and mattress cover are then repeated, taking the total thickness of the mattress to a huge 14”.
idle sleep hybrid mattress review

Idle Sleep hybrid mattress Comfort

Fusing together propriety foams and individually pocketed coils makes for a very comfortable sleeping experience. Idle Sleep has cut no corners when it comes to premium materials which is a nice touch when so many online mattress companies are skimping on materials in order to compete on price. The 1” quilted cover is plush to the touch and the smart fiber cross- zones do an excellent job of expelling moisture away from the body. The air flow response foam includes unique ventilation channels that help facilitate the transfer of body heat down and out of the mattress. The buoyancy foam and pocketed coils work together to provide a “springy” feel, which is much more comfortable than the sinking feeling you tend to get with all-foam mattresses.
The individually pocketed coils do a great job of eliminating motion transfer, meaning your partner will sleep undeterred even if you are tossing and turning at night. There are also a couple of firmness options (medium, firm), that you can choose when ordering your mattress, meaning most people will find this Idle Sleep hybrid mattress comfortable.

Idle Sleep hybrid mattress Support

The hybrid construction of the Idle Sleep hybrid mattress has been specifically designed for targeted support. The top two layers of foam relive pressure points, which is great news for anyone who has previously dealt with shoulder, hip or knee problems (as these are the most common pressure points). The foam layers conform to your unique body shape, equalizing body weight. The individual coils bear the weight of whatever is directly on top of them, eliminating sinkage and allowing each vertebrae in the spine to be correctly supported through the night.

We consider the 2 firmnesses of the Idle Sleep Hybrid mattress to land in this range.

Idle Sleep Mattress Review


  • Unique flippable design extends the lifetime of the mattress
  • Quilted cover is plush to the touch and wicks moisture away from the body for comfort
  • Both foam layers breathe well, relieve pressure points and are inherently reactive
  • Individually pocketed coils support every square inch of your body
  • Incredible lifetime warranty


  • Mattress is very big (14”) which makes it a little tricky to set up or flip
  • The cover is not zippable so can’t be washed on its own
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Idle Sleep’s unique flippable design is a definite unique selling point. While the concept is very simple, there aren’t many companies out there offering a flippable mattress and this will ensure the Idle Sleep Hybrid will last much longer than competitors. The mattress can also be rotated. Price-wise, the Queen comes in at $1399 without any promo codes which is similar to other hybrid models on the market. Delivery is free across the contiguous states and there is white-glove delivery available in selected cities.
Trial and Warranty
Idle Sleep offers a 120-night trial on their mattress with free returns if you decide it isn’t the right mattress for you. Idle Sleep is so confident that their mattress will go the distance, they offer an incredible lifetime warranty on the hybrid mattress which is simply outstanding.


In a crowded online mattress market, Idle Sleep has done well to standout with a premium hybrid flippable mattress. While the main drawcard is its durability, the quality of the mattress doesn’t disappoint. The quilted cover is a luxurious touch, while the propriety foam layers breathe well and cushion your pressure points. The individually pocketed coils provide excellent support and allow body heat to escape the mattress through air-channels between the grids. Motion transfer isn’t an issue and there are 2 x firmness options. An incredible lifetime warranty backs up Idle Sleeps claims that this is the most durable mattress out. For more information on the Idle Sleep Hybrid Mattress, and to save $325, click here.

Idle Sleep Mattress Review