Founded in 2015, Helix Sleep can be considered one of the players in the online mattress industry that started doing this before the huge rush of the lessor known names. They were also rolling a hybrid mattress when most others were only doing all-foam. And today, they are still one of the few in the market offering a hybrid mattress at a competitive price-point. Helix’s main point of difference is that they have more customisable differences than competitors, with all customers being invited to participate in a “sleep quiz” to determine their required level of firmness and support. The results of the sleep quiz are put through their in-house algorithm which picks for you one of their nine mattress options. Helix Mattress offers everything from plush to extra firm mattresses, with dual-firmness mattresses as well.

Helix Mattress Reviews
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Helix Mattress Construction

While there are lots of options on the table, the basic mattress construction stays the same throughout (with only the foam layer offering different levels of support). Let’s break the mattress down to see how it all works:

Helix Mattress Layer Reviews

Two Touch Design Cover
The top cover of the mattress is split into two layers. The very top layer is soft to the touch and feels great. The lower layer is designed for breathability, with an open-channel fabric drawing body heat away from the body. This helps you to remain comfortable though the night. The fabric is made from polyester however, which may cause slight irritation in some people.

Comfort Layer: Helix Dynamic Foam
Not quite latex, not quite memory foam, Helix has worked hard to produce a propriety foam that offers the best of both materials. The foam reacts very much like latex, bouncing back crisply with a comforting feel, while the foam also offers excellent pressure point relief, much like memory foam.

Transition Layer- High-Grade Polyfoam
High-grade polyfoam is used to provide ergonomic support, specifically for the lumbar region. The IFD (Initial Force Deflection- a measure of how firm or soft the foam feels) changes depending on the results of your sleep quiz.

Individually Wrapped Coils
The mattress is then covered in hundreds of individually wrapped coils which provide individual support. The coils contour to your body shape and help to limit motion transfer greatly, enabling your partner to sleep disturbance free.

DuraDense Foam
A bottom layer of DuraDense foam forms an ideal base for the coils and helps keep the mattress feeling solid and substantial.

Helix Mattress Comfort

The construction of the Helix mattress has been well thought-through, and with multiple firmness options, chances are if you purchase a Helix, you’ll find it to be very comfortable. The propriety dynamic foam is a unique addition to the mattress and is soft to the touch, very much like latex. This provides pillow-like comfort; however, this can be adjusted according to your quiz results.
The mattress is designed to breathe, meaning your body heat won’t get trapped and recycled back into your body as you sleep, which adds to comfort.

Helix Mattress Reviews

Helix Mattress Support

The hybrid design consisting of the propriety dynamic foam, high-grade polyfoam and individually wrapped coils work together to offer excellent support. The dynamic foam helps to ease pressure away from the hips and shoulders, reducing aches and pains. The polyfoam provides targeted lumbar support and promotes correct spinal alignment while the coils offer individualized support and eliminate motion transfer.

A small bugbear; there seems to be an issue with Helix’s firm-edge support. The support works well when you’re sitting on the edge of the mattress, however if you sit on the corner of the mattress, it does tend to fall out from under you.


  • Unique personalization process helps you select the perfect mattress
    Propriety dynamic foam responds well (like latex) and offers good pressure point relief (like memory foam)
  • Polyfoam transaction layer offers targeted lumbar support and helps correctly align your spine
  • Individually wrapped coils support you from head to toe while limiting motion transfer
  • Excellent price for the personalization and quality of mattress provided


  • Firm edge support doesn’t hold up well on the corners of the mattress
  • Two touch fabric is made from polyester which may cause potential irritations in some people
  • The thickness of their layers is not listed and proprietary materials are likely found in other mattresses
  • Their reviews do not seem to be hosted by a 3rd party review agency for authenticity
Helix Mattress Reviews
The Helix mattress offering is a very compelling one, partly because no other company offers such customization at a low price. A queen Helix mattress costs $995 (full price), but you’ll be impressed with how their website guides you through the steps of choosing the right firmness. The quiz is very detailed and the algorithm for the most part seems to be very accurate. Other online mattress companies don’t offer so much personalization pre-purchase and the whole experience makes you feel valued and important. Helix also offers free shipping with all mattresses.
Trial and Warranty
Helix offer a 100-night trial on all mattresses and a 10-year warranty, which isn’t quite as aggressive as others.


It’s clear Helix Sleep has put a lot of work into the entire process of purchasing a mattress, and their website is a best-practice example of how other online mattress companies should go about the process. The experience of purchasing mattress feels personal, adding some excitement into what many people consider a mundane task. The Helix mattress itself holds up very well, with the hybrid design offering enhanced comfort and optimal support. The propriety dynamic foam performs well and manages to capture the best of both latex and memory foam. The wrapped coils provide great support and breathability and the DuraDense foam base makes the whole package feel solid. For more information on the Helix mattress, you can save up to $125 here.