A new player within the crowded online mattress market, Happsy Mattress launched in 2017 with the intention of fulfilling the growing demand for mattresses that are chemical free and better for the environment. To achieve this, the company has cleverly crafted a hybrid mattress (latex + coils) entirely out of organic materials. The mattress has taken off and after just a year in business, Happsy Mattress has a legion of satisfied fans across all 50 states.

Happsy Mattress Review
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Happsy Mattress Construction

The Happsy Mattress is relatively simple, with three main layers providing comfort, support and structure. Let’s take a look at how a mattress so simple can win over so many customers:

Happsy Layers Review

Organic Cotton Fabric
The Happsy mattress is covered in a luxurious organic cotton fabric that is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified. Sewn into the cover is a half-inch of organic wool batting. The cover is naturally breathable and the wool batting wicks moisture away from the body, keeping you dry through the night.

Organic Dunlop Latex
For comfort, 2 inches of organic dunlop latex is used as the top layer of the mattress. Latex is inherently breathable and naturally contours to the body, providing excellent pressure point relief. The latex is GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) certified and the process of extracting sap from rubber trees (which is where latex comes from) is entirely renewable.

Individually Pocketed Coils
The base of the mattress consists of grids of individually pocketed coils. The layout of the coils creates channels in which air can escape through the mattress, enhancing comfort. The coils cover every inch of the mattress and provide personalized support, contouring and shaping themselves to different parts of the body. Pocketed coils are a great way to keep the spine optimally aligned during the night.

The coils are then supported with a one-inch layer of organic cotton filling which runs along the bottom.

Happsy Mattress Comfort

The Happsy Mattress offers supreme comfort from head to toe. The cotton-wool cover provides excellent breathability and with natural thermo-regulating properties, meaning you’ll sleep comfortably year round. The organic latex provides a layer of soft cushioning and will cradle your body without you feeling like you’re sinking into the mattress, which is a common problem with synthetic foams.
For those who suffer from allergies, you’ll be pleased to know that the Happsy mattress has been constructed without any glues, flame retardants or adhesives. The mattress is completely hypoallergenic and the cover shouldn’t irritate the skin. The only comfort downside is that it comes in one firmness only (medium-firm). There is the option to purchase a separate topper, however this is an extra cost.

Happsy Mattress Support

Hybrid mattresses are a popular choice because of the support they provide and it’s no different with the Happsy mattress. Each coil is individually pocketed, which means its responsibility lies with supporting the weight that’s directly on top of it. Because the body is a unique shape, the coils all support different levels of weight. This helps to equalize weight distribution, providing the right levels of support for each part of the body.

We consider the firmness of the Happsy Organic hybrid mattress to land in this range.


  • A mattress with entirely certified organic materials
  • An excellent organic cotton-wool cover breathes well and wicks away moisture
  • Organic dunlop latex provides a great deal of comfort and pressure point relief
  • 8-inch individually pocketed coils provide support to the individual contours of your body, help air flow through the mattress and promote optimal spinal alignment
  • Excellent value for the quality of materials included


  • Only one firmness option (medium-firm)
  • No white-glove delivery
  • Has a different feel that takes time to get used to
Happsy Mattress Reviews
While certified organic materials are naturally more expensive than regular materials, Happsy Mattress has done a great job with the pricing. The mattress retails for $1,399 (Queen) which is very competitive in comparison to other hybrid mattresses on the market, most of which contain non-organic materials.
Trial and Warranty
Happsy offers a 120-day risk free trial and a 10 year limited warranty. Delivery is free across the contiguous states. There is no white-glove delivery and the company doesn’t state if returns are free. If you go ahead and decide to purchase the mattress, it’s recommended you allow at least 30 days to break it in.


Happsy has taken the road less travelled by constructing a completely organic hybrid mattress and for this they should be commended. This hybrid mattress ticks all the boxes by providing superior materials, comfort and support wrapped up on a package that is competitive with other hybrids on the market. The entire mattress is breathable, enhancing comfort levels night in, night out while the latex and coils work well together to provide personalized support across the body. With no glues, flame retardants or adhesives used during the construction process, this mattress is perfectly suited for those with allergies. A smart all-round choice. To take a look at the Happsy mattress for yourself, head on over to their website here.

Happsy Mattress Review