Committed to providing customers with a comfortable, supportive and environmentally responsible sleep, Eco Terra Mattress has won a lot of fans over with the way they’ve gone about designing and constructing their mattress. Keeping things simple, this hybrid-latex mattress only has three layers, however according to raving fans online, three layers are all they’ll ever need. To understand how the three layers work together, lets break the mattress down:

Eco Terra Mattress Review
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Eco Terra Mattress Construction

Eco Terra Mattress Layers Review

Stretch Organic Cotton Cover
The first thing you notice when you look at the Eco Terra mattress is the quality of the stretch organic cotton cover (GOTS certified). Cotton is inherently breathable and naturally wicks sweat away from you as you sleep, keeping you cool and dry all night long. The cover is also buttoned for a classic look and is free of dies and other potentially harmful substances. The cotton is layered with a 100% wool lining underneath.

All Natural Latex
A 3-inch layer of 100% natural talalay latex makes up the comfort layer of the mattress. Latex is produced using the sap of the rubber tree and is an excellent material for those who may suffer from allergies. Latex is dust mite, mildew and mold resistant and provides outstanding comfort by equalizing pressure points and contouring to the natural shape of your body. Natural latex contains millions of microscopic air channels which allow body heat to flow through and out of the mattress, improving comfort and deep sleeping patterns.

Individually Pocketed Coils
The base layer of the Eco Terra contains a grid of individually pocketed coils. Coil counts range from 682 to 1280 coils per mattress (depending on mattress size). The coils are zoned, with 16-gague inner coils (where you sleep) and 15-gague outer coils. The 15-gague coils are slightly thicker and provide nice firm edge support.

The coils partner the latex well and help provide contoured support to the body. Because the coils are individually pocketed, each coil will have a different weight-bearing load. This helps ensure every square inch of the body is getting the support it needs. Coils also help align the spine which will result in less aches and pains when getting up in the morning.

Eco Terra Mattress Review

Eco Terra Mattress Comfort

The Eco Terra mattress offers supreme comfort and responsiveness. The latex and coils work together to give the mattress a slight bounce and both materials instantly respond to any changes in sleep position. Coils also help eliminate motion transfer, making this an ideal mattress for couples. For those who worry about an off-gassing period, natural latex is not constructed with any petrochemicals, which means this mattress is good to go straight out of the box.
In terms of breathability, the Eco Terra mattress performs very well. All three layers are breathable and the pocketed coils create large air channels for hot air to escape easily. There will be no sleeping hot in this mattress.
The Eco Terra comes in two firmness levels; medium and medium firm. Together, these firmness levels encompass most people.


Hybrid mattresses were designed to provide increased support and the Eco Terra mattress is no exception. The top latex layer conforms to pressure points and responds instantly, ensuring you feel stable and secure even if you’re tossing and turning. The individually pocketed coils give substantial support, especially across the lower part of the spine (lumbar region). Optimal spine support encourages alignment, releasing pressure off individual vertebrae and nerve endings which connect to other parts of the body.

We consider the firmness of the Eco Terra mattress hybrid to land in this range.

Eco Terra Firmness Chart


  • Stretch organic cotton cover (with 100% wool lining) is very breathable and helps wick moisture away from the body, meaning you sleep cool and dry
  • 3-inches of 100% natural latex provide outstanding comfort and pressure point relief and is inherently breathable
  • Individually pocketed coils shape to the natural contours of your body and support your spine, encouraging optimal alignment
  • All natural materials produced with no glues, flame retardants or adhesives makes it an ideal mattress for those with allergies
  • Market leading value


  • Mattress is a little heavy and awkward to move
  • No soft option for those who prefer a softer mattress
  • Reviews don’t appear to be hosted by a 3rd party authentic review agency
For a hybrid mattress made with premium natural materials, the price is nothing short of unbelievable. At $899 for a Queen, the Eco Terra is cheaper than almost all other online mattresses out there today. Shipping and returns are also free which further sweetens the deal.
Trial and Warranty
The mattress comes with a 90-day warranty (cannot be returned in the first 30 days) and 15-year warranty which sits at about average for the industry.


With all-natural materials and individually pocketed coils, the Eco Terra hybrid mattress is strikingly simple and an excellent option for those looking to purchase a new mattress. A top layer of stretch organic cotton gives the mattress a luxurious feel and efficiently disperses body heat. A comfort layer of latex allows you to experience cushioning comfort without sinking into the mattress while the coils provide ample support. The entire mattress is breathable and hypoallergenic which makes it an ideal choice for those with allergies. The all-round quality of this mattress means it should compete at the premium end of the market, however the mattress line is priced so affordably, it’s actually one of the cheapest online mattresses available today and offers unbelievable value. To take a look at an Eco Terra mattress for yourself, click here to see the latest sale.

Eco Terra Mattress Reviews