In an industry where unique selling points are key, luxury mattress company DreamCloud Mattress has gone for broke and constructed a huge 15-inch mattress with an incredible 8 layers of differing foams and coils. Cracking the 15-inch mark is a first for the rolled-mattress industry and DreamCloud is happy to position themselves as a company who offer a showroom-like mattress for a fraction of the cost online.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews
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DreamCloud Mattress Construction

With so many individual layers making so many claims, you could be forgiven for feeling a little perplexed when taking a first look. To help you understand how the mattress works holistically, we’ve broken the DreamCloud mattress down layer-by-layer:

DreamCloud Mattress Layer Reviews

1. Hand Tufted Cashmere Blend Euro Top
The hand-tufted euro top cover screams luxury from the very second you see it. The thickness of the euro-top and quality of materials used provides superior softness and outstanding breathability.

2. Gel Infused Memory Foam
The first layer of foam provides contouring comfort that molds to the individual shape of your body. Memory foam has a reputation for sleeping hot, so DreamCloud has infused the foam with gel which helps to limit heat retention.

3. Soft Quilted Memory Foam
A second layer of memory foam is designed for softness, working with the gel infused memory foam to further cushion the body.

4. Supreme Natural Latex
A natural material that is inherently breathable, latex responds instantly allowing you to change positions through the night without the mattress losing shape. Latex also gives a natural bounce.

5. Dream Plush Supporting Memory Foam
From here on in, the layers’ transition from comfort to support focused. This layer of high density memory foam provides optimal support body-wide.

6. Super Dense Memory Foam
The next layer of high density memory foam acts as a transition between the top foams and the coils which form the base of the mattress. High density memory foam promotes proper spinal alignment.

7. “Bed Rest” Coils
With five unique zones across the mattress, the individually pocketed Bed Rest coils change their levels of support depending on the position of the mattress. Coils in the middle are firmer for added lumbar support and become more giving towards the edges of the mattress. Coils also provide excellent airflow (through the channels between the coils) and isolate motion disturbance.

8. A final layer of Super Dense Memory Foam
A final layer of super dense memory foam is placed directly under the coils to further help limit motion transfer.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews

DreamCloud Mattress Comfort

Each of the 8 layers serve their own purpose and have been thoughtfully designed and constructed. The softer layers of the mattress are at the top and work together to wrap themselves around the contours of your body. The multi-layers of softness have many customers commenting that it really does feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.
While there are several layers of memory foam, the mattress utilizes ingenuity to make sure the mattress sleeps cool. The cashmere blend euro topper is naturally breathable and does a good job of dispensing body heat, while the top layer of memory foam is infused with gel. The next layers of memory foam are split with a layer of latex with is inherently breathable. The pocketed coil springs also offer excellent breathability.
The only potential issue with comfort is that the mattress only comes in one firmness option (medium-firm).

DreamCloud Mattress Support

Multiple layers of memory foam and individually pocketed coils ensure this mattress provides excellent support. Memory foam does a great job of naturally molding to the contours of your body, easing pressure points and equalizing body weight. The 5-zoned coils are a unique innovation and offer individualized support (which is especially important for the spine and torso) as well as additional lumbar support.

We consider the firmness of the DreamCloud mattress to land in this range.

Dreamcloud Firmness Chart


  • Cashmere blend euro top and top layers of foam offer superior comfort and breathability
  • Excellent pressure point relief through the middle layers
  • Natural latex layer is inherently breathable and works well sandwiched in-between two layers of memory foam
  • Unique 5-zoned coil system offers differing levels of support across the body, with additional care for the lumbar region
  • Very competitive price with outstanding trial and warranty periods. They boldly guarantee the mattress will last longer than you do


  • DreamCloud Mattress only has one firmness (medium-firm)
  • Mattress cover can’t be taken off and washed (although the company compensate for this by offering a free year 1 and year 5 clean)
  • They don’t ever seem to have Twin or Twin XL in stock
  • No 3rd party review agency to ensure authentic reviews
  • Confusing layer layout and they don’t specify the thicknesses
Dreamcloud Reviewed
As one of the thickest mattresses online, you’d expect the DreamCloud mattress to be very expensive. DreamCloud has clearly worked very hard at their value proposition and has matched their unique features with competitive pricing levels. The Queen retails for $1,199, a price which competes with some of the leading all-foam mattresses online. This represents outstanding value. Shipping is free across the contiguous states, although white-glove delivery is an additional $149.
Trial and Warranty
DreamCloud Mattress is so confident that they offer the best mattress on the market, they will let you trial the mattress for a full year (365 days) and offer an incredible lifetime warranty. In addition to this, they offer a free mattress cleaning after year one (as the cashmere blend euro top is not removable) and another full mattress cleaning after year 5.


In an elaborate attempt to capture a slice of the high end online mattress market, DreamCloud’s ambitious 8-layer hybrid mattress comes up trumps. Much like the name, the top layers of the mattress offer a cloud-like consistency, with careful precautions put in place to make sure the memory foam doesn’t sleep hot. The middle layers of the mattress provide pressure relief, while the 5-zoned coil layer offers unique, individualized support from head to toe. The company backs up the quality of the mattress with a year long sleep trial and lifetime warranty. Overall, this mattress represents excellent value for the money and DreamCloud has done a great job at taking what should be a premium showroom mattress, online. For more information on the DreamCloud mattress, you can click here and save $200.

DreamCloud Mattress Reviews