With over 100 online mattress companies battling it out for the consumer dollar, arguably none can claim to be more successful than Casper. Formed in 2014, Casper has gone from ragamuffin tech start-up to a $300-million-dollar company in just a few short years. Continuing to pave the way in an increasingly competitive industry, select Caper products are now sold in retailers such as Target and Nordstrom, can be found on American Airlines and are available for trial in a number of showrooms across the country.  MattressReviewers.com is proud to review the Casper Mattress.

Casper Mattress Reviews
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While the growth and product expansion in recent years has been impressive, we’re going to take a couple of minutes to look at the mattress that started the revolution- The Casper Mattress. With tens of thousands of reviews and almost a cult-like following, The Casper all-foam mattress offers comfort, support, style and street-cred. Let’s take a look at the mattress layer by layer:

Casper Mattress Construction

Caper Layer Reviews

Polyester Rayon Cover
The mattress is covered with a 360° zippable polyester rayon cover. The cover is relatively thick and covers the mattress tightly. It’s weaved design and rayon fabric helps body heat disperse, however the polyester blend may cause slight irritation in some people.

Open-Cell Proprietary Comfort Foam
Making use of open-cell technology, a 1.5-inch layer of proprietary comfort foam sits on top. The foam reacts and bounces very well and allows air to pass seamlessly through the mattress. This helps you sleep cool through the night.

High-Density Memory Foam
High density memory foam helps to relieve weight from acute pressure points (such as the shoulders and hips). Memory foam also helps to isolate motion, which means that if you’re tossing and turning at night, your partner won’t be disturbed.

Zoned Support
A unique innovation, Casper has included 1.5 inches of zoned support foam. The zoned support foam is softer around your shoulders and knees and firmer around your hips and waist. This helps to naturally align your spine, easing pressure further and reducing aches and pains.

Dense Foam Layer
The base of the mattress is made up of a high-density poly foam and is primarily used to give the mattress a durable shape and structure. While the foam is dense, it’s still relatively light, meaning it’s easy to set the mattress up.

Casper Mattress Review

Casper Mattress Comfort

With over 40,000 positive reviews, there’s little doubt this is a comfortable mattress. Casper has cleverly positioned the differing foam layers to ensure maximum comfort while eliminating the “sinking” feeling you get with most other all-foam mattresses. Of particular importance is the open-cell comfort foam at the top of the mattress. Developed in-house by Casper, the foam gives the mattress a unique amount of bounce and transfers body heat efficiently. So well designed is the top layer, it almost feels you’re lying on a pocketed coil or innerspring mattress.
A potential downside with comfort is that this mattress only comes in medium-firm. This may be a touch too firm for those who like to sleep on their sides. The mattress also lacks in any firm-edge support, which means it tends to sink when you sit on the side of the bed.

Casper Mattress Support

With 4 layers of specially designed foam, the Casper Mattress offers excellent support. The memory foam layer does a good job of cushioning body weight, enabling pressure to be released from the hips and shoulders. The zoned support layer is an innovative addition and offers extra support for the lumbar area, which helps to correctly align the spine during the night. For those of you who have suffered from injures or have frequent muscle or joint soreness, the support layer will be a godsend.

We consider the firmness of the Casper mattress to land in this range.


  • Well thought out 4-layer design
  • Propriety open cell foam top layer gives good bounce and dissipates body heat
  • Transitional memory foam cushions pressure points well
  • Zoned support offers superior lumbar protection for optimal spinal alignment
  • Excellent delivery and set-up service available


  • The mattress only comes in a single, medium-firm option
  • No firm edge support which means sitting on the side of the mattress causes sinkage
  • Reviews are not hosted by an authentic 3rd party hosting agency and many reviews seem a bit overzealous
In terms of value, Casper delivers a market-leading product with a price-tag to match. The Queen mattress is $995 which in includes free delivery. For those who live in larger cities, white glove delivery is available, which means your mattress will be set up for you with the option of having your old mattress removed for free as well.
Trial and Warranty
Casper offers a 100-night trial and 10-year warranty, which is a little on the low side compared with other online mattress companies. If you’re dissatisfied with your mattress and wish to return it, Casper will come and pick it up free of charge (selected cities).  This is the trial that Casper pioneered the industry with and has stuck with it from day one.  They only reason this may be considered low in today’s standards is because many brands are trying to gain exposure by offering 365 night trials with unrealistic life-time warranties.  Casper still believes that 100 nights is ample time to get acquainted with your new mattress and we agree.


The original Casper mattress is a textbook case-study on how a single, well-received product can help a company grow exponentially. The original Casper mattress blends thoughtful design with premium foam materials and excellent support. The zoned support layer in particular is a unique addition and it’s a mystery why this concept hasn’t been taken on by rival mattress companies. The mattress is backed up with an excellent customer service team and a white glove delivery service. While there are a couple of minor quibbles (namely a single firmness only), overall Casper deliver a high-performing mattress that will have you sleeping well for years to come. To take a look at the Casper for yourself, and save $75 here.

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