The Amore Beds story started a few years ago when a couple entrepreneurial mattress consumers noticed a big gap in the mattress market. Customers who purchased in brick and mortar stores were (and still are) purchasing mattresses with huge mark-ups and are often subject to aggressive sales tactics. To combat this, a large number of online mattress companies appeared overnight, constructing mattresses with sub-par materials in order to slash pricing and gain market share with massive advertising budgets. Determined to find a sweet-spot, Amore Beds was created, launching a range of three high-spec mattresses priced at some of the lowest rates online.

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review
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Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Construction

Their executive mattress, simply named the Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid is a step-up from their popular Hybrid Mattress, adding 100% natural Talalay latex for soothing comfort and 6-inch coils with a reinforced perimeter for optimal support. To further understand the benefits of this premium mattress, lets take a look layer by layer:

Organic Cotton Cover: 

The mattress is encased in a soft organic cotton cover, a premium material that is renowned for its superior comfort and breathability. Organic cotton is made without harsh dyes or chemicals and keeps you cool by dispersing body heat.

Organic Wool Blend: 

Quilted into the cover is organic wool sustainably sourced from New Zealand. Organic wool is naturally hypo-allergenic, breathable and wicks moisture away from the body for optimal thermo-regulation.  This layer takes the place of the traditional and controversial fire-sock.

100% Natural Talalay Latex: 

Made completely free of harsh chemicals or solvents, Talalay latex is inherently breathable and helps disperse body heat away from the body and out of the mattress. This layer of Talalay latex works in tandem with the organic wool to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and comfortable year-long.

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review
Hyper-Contouring Open-Cell Transition Foam: 

Constructed with a unique “open-cell” technology, this layer of transition foam is extremely breathable and works with the other layers of the mattress to help you sleep cool.  It also acts as a buffer to prevent the feeling of coils for heavier folks.

Individually Wrapped Support Coils with Reinforced Edge Support:

Constructed of high-grade tempered steel, a layer of individually wrapped 6-inch coils support every square inch of the body. The coils help straighten your spine by supporting every vertebrae and are reinforced around the perimeter of the mattress for the best firm-edge-support in the industry.  Having coils for the firm-edge-support allows heat to flow freely from edge to edge without any foam barrier to slow air-flow down.

Ultra-Supportive Foam Base:

Designed for long-lasting durability, the high-density supportive foam base helps the coils keep their structure while acting as a solid foundation for the rest of the mattress.

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Comfort

It’s clear that Amore Beds has spared no expensive on the materials used, resulting in one of the most comfortable mattresses on the market. In particular, the thick layer of 100% natural Talalay latex is a game-changer. The top 3-inch layer is situated right beneath the organic wool layer, with both materials combining to naturally draw moisture away from the body. Reducing clamminess during the night is one of the keys to a deeper, more restful sleep and the thermo-regulating properties of both latex and organic wool will keep you dry and comfortable through the entire year.

The mattress is also very breathable. In particular, the organic cotton, organic wool and latex layers allow body heat to easily escape through the layers and out of the mattress, keeping the body cool. Multiple studies show that a slightly cooler body is able to settle into a state of rest more quickly while holding periods of deep sleep for longer. In addition to this, the 6-inch tempered coils are arranged in a grid with natural air channels running along the base of the coils for additional breathability.

For those that suffer from allergies, the Luxury Hybrid is worth considering. The mattress uses CertiPUR-US and OEKO-TEX certified materials, meaning that the foams within the mattress are constructed without the use of ozone depleters, harsh solvents or chemicals such as formaldehyde or boric acid.  Organic wool is naturally a flame retardant so it is used in place of a controversial fire-sock.  Other mattress companies tend to use cheaper fire-socks or chemical materials to pass strict fire regulations. Organic cotton and organic wool also contain anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties.

For those who are looking for the most beneficial sleep possible, Amore Beds also offers a unique copper-ion infused mattress cover (additional). Copper is well known for its therapeutic qualities and ions are bonded directly into the bamboo mattress cover, providing maximum benefits when in close contact with this beneficial element. Copper has been well reported to help reduce the pain of arthritis, improve blood circulation, speed up muscle recovery and enhance the production of collagen in the skin.

While most other companies limit their firmness options due to cost, Amore Beds offers multiple firmness levels with their Luxury Hybrid. Both medium and slightly-firm options are available at checkout with an additional dual-firmness option available for couples who have different sleeping preferences. We commend Amore Beds for the range of firmness options they offer.

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Support

The Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid mattress is expertly engineered for the most supportive sleep possible. The thick layer of 100% natural Talalay latex is located at the top of the mattress and cushions common pressure points (hips and shoulders), easing pressure and evenly distributing weight across your entire body. The open cell transition foam is a higher-density foam designed to specifically support the lumbar region and delivers uniformity; eliminating the “bending” of the spine which occurs with a firm mattress and “sinking” of the spine when a mattress is too soft.

As a supporting mechanism, the high-grade, individually tempered 6-inch steel coils are best-in-class.   The coils are durable, supportive and gently support every square inch of the body. This is particularly important for the spinal column, as the coils support the natural contour of the spine, allowing the spine to stay aligned, extended and free of stress through night. There are real benefits to an aligned spine during sleep which include increased circulation, a fully-functioning nervous system and a reduction in common aches and pains.

For those that sleep on the edges of the bed or sit on the side of the bed often, the Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid has you covered. The entire perimeter of the mattress is lined with reinforced coils that ensure you stay stable and comfortable when using the sides of the bed. Most mattresses tend to sink when pressure is applied on the edges, affecting its total usability. With the Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid, the perimeters are just as comfortable as the middle of the mattress, enabling you to truly enjoy the whole mattress.

We consider the 2 firmnesses of the Amore Beds Luxury mattress to land in this range.

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review


  • Organic cotton cover is hypo-allergenic, soft to the touch and extremely breathable with an organic wool inner that eliminates the need for a chemical fire sock
  • 100% natural Talalay latex cools the body and eases weight off the pressure points
  • Hand-made fresh per individual order which scores this brand with the least off-gassing out there
  • Uses a trusted authentic 3rd party review hosting agency


  • No soft firmness option
  • White-glove delivery costs extra
  • 100 pounds for a queen is quite heavy
Most premium hybrid mattresses run anywhere from $1,400-$1,700 dollars online. With the mission of providing their customers with the best value possible, the Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid comes in at $950 for a Queen after $200 discount. Given the quality of the foams and coils used, this is outstanding. With a copper-ion infused cover only an additional $100 and dual-firmness at $200, you could upgrade the mattress and still fall under the price of other hybrid mattresses online. Like most competitors, Amore Beds offers free shipping across the 48 contiguous states, however white-glove delivery costs extra.
Trial and Warranty
Amore Beds offers a 100-night trial on the Hybrid Mattress which is standard for the industry and more than enough time to decide whether this is the right mattress for you. We suggest allowing at least 30 days to break the mattress in before making a final decision. The Luxury Hybrid comes with a 20-year warranty and should last much longer than that.


With decades of experience in the mattress industry, the team at Amore Beds has stayed true to their mission by constructing a mattress that utilizes premium materials, conforms to your unique body shape. It supports every square inch of your body without an expensive price-tag attached. The whole mattress breathes well, offers thermo-regulating properties, evenly distributes body weight and naturally supports the correct alignment of the spine. The copper-ion infused cover (additional) provides further benefits and the mattress is well suited to those who have allergies to harsh chemicals or solvents. Constructed here in the United States, the Luxury Hybrid is a market-leading mattress for those who are truly after a better night’s sleep. For more information on the Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress, click here to save $200.  Use Code Green30 for an extra $30 off any accessory.

Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review
Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review
Amore Beds Luxury Hybrid Mattress Review