Focusing their mission on helping you get the most out of your sleep each night, 2920 has launched a mattress that is centered on providing you with optimal support. Working together with seasoned chiropractors, physical therapists and athletes, the 2920 mattress utilizes advanced foaming technology to deliver a product that they believe will help you sleep more soundly, enabling you to get the most out of every day.

2920 Sleep Mattress Review
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The 2920 mattress is made up of 5 foam layers that work together to provide you with an optimal night’s sleep. By breaking down each layer, we’re able to gain a better understanding of exactly how the mattress works.

2920 Mattress Construction

2920 Mattress Review
Belgian Fabric Blend Cover:

The cover of the mattress is made from a Belgian fabric blend consisting of polyester, lycra and viscose. The cover is tight to the fit and won’t bunch, even if you’re tossing and turning. Viscose helps to wick moisture away from the body, keeping you comfortable (warm in winter, cool in summer) through the night.

New Generation Pressure Relief Layer:

A 2” layer of new generation foam is specifically formulated to relieve pressure from the hips and shoulders. This is an open cell foam that allows for enhanced breathability, expelling body heat efficiently.

Support & Comfort Foam:

A 1” transitional layer of polyfoam has been engineered to offer the bounce and cushioning of latex crossed with the contouring support of memory foam.

Core Support Layer:

A 5.5” layer of polyfoam is denser than the layers of foam above it. This layer is designed to provide optimal support by helping align your spine correctly while eliminating the “sinking” feeling you may get with other all-foam mattresses.

Edge-To-Edge Base Layer:
Under the support foam lies a 1.5” layer of high-density polyfoam that acts as the foundation of the mattress. Other all-foam mattresses tend to fall away if you sleep too close to the edges. By incorporating an additional high-density base layer, the overall usable sleeping surface is increased.
2920 Mattress Review

2920 Mattress Comfort

While the 2920 mattress has been designed for optimal support, the mattress still provides a very comfortable night’s sleep. The Belgian fabric mattress cover is optimised for thermo-regulation and by wicking moisture away from the body, eliminates clamminess. The cover and top layer of foam are inherently breathable, dispersing body heat through and out of the mattress which will leave you feeling comfortable year-round.
The additional edge-to-edge base layer is a nice touch and enables the mattress to hold up, even when sleeping on its edges. The foam layers also limit motion transfer very well, which means your partner should remain undisturbed during the night, even if you’re tossing and turning.
Unfortunately, the mattress comes in only one firmness option. The mattress is rated as a medium.

2920 Mattress Support

2920 has focused a majority of their efforts on providing next-generation support. The 5.5” comfort support layer does a most of the grunt work here, providing a solid base for the top layers to contour to your body shape. This mix of contouring and support encourages your spine to stay aligned across most of the common sleeping positions. By keeping your spine aligned, typical aches and pains are often reduced and nerve channels within the spinal cord aren’t subject to stress or pressure.
In terms of durability, the mattress stacks up well. The bottom two layers of polyfoam are very dense and 2920 conducts independent 3rd party tests to ensure the mattress holds up. Testing includes 200,000 individual pressure tests across sample mattresses to mimic long-term wear and tear. Results are recorded and worked upon in an effort to further increase durability.

We consider the firmness of the 2920 mattress to land in this range.

2920 Firmness review


  • Engineered in conjunction with chiropractors, physical therapists and athletes
  • Belgian fabric cover wicks moisture away from the body for greater comfort
  • An open-cell top foam layer increases breathability
  • Additional 1.5” layer of high density foam on the base of the mattress increases usable sleeping surface
  • 3rd party testing and refinement has resulted in a durable mattress


  • Single firmness option only
  • 10-year limited warranty shorter than competitors
  • Reviews don’t look to be hosted by a trusted 3rd party platform
A Queen retails for $995, which is about average when compared to other all-foam mattresses on the market. Delivery and returns are free.
Trial and Warranty
2920 offers a 100-night risk-free trial and a 10 year limited warranty. The trial period is on par with other mattress companies while the 10 year limited warranty falls a little short.


2920 believes that the key to unlocking your full potential in life lies in making sure you sleep soundly every night. With this in mind, they have worked with leading chiropractors, physical therapists and athletes to create a mattress that offers optimal support. For the most part they’ve done a great job, creating a mattress with two individual base layers that enhance the support of pressure points and your spinal system. On the whole, the mattress is very comfortable with excellent thermo-regulating and airflow properties. Motion transfer is also severely reduced which is a plus. For more information on the 2920 mattress, check out their sales page and save $2000 off retail prices.

2920 Sleep Mattress Review